Finance & Investment Lead


  • Responsible to oversee the accuracy and completeness of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, and the communication thereof to internal (ie founders) and external (ie investors) stakeholders.
  • Responsible for all financial analyses pertaining to the company’s health from internal (ie costs and budgets) to external (ie new locations’ profitability).
  • Point of contact for any financial model-related functions. Ensures that model is always relevant according to company’s latest development progress.
  • The primary person to advise founders and internal teams on the company’s financial targets. Is also responsible to ensure that the company’s financial targets are well-communicated across company’s internal teams.
  • Assist real estate team to run location analysis; assess feasibility/prospects of location (from financial point of view); create pitch deck for landlords where necessary; determine deal dynamics (i.e. cash flows and revenue/profit sharing components) that maximize benefit for Gowork and the partnership itself.
  • Assist founders and management team with strategic, ad-hoc projects according to needs.
  • Assist founders and management team with fundraising efforts from a financial viewpoint.
  • Responsible to periodically update internal and external stakeholders on company’s latest financial progress (ie monthly/quarterly/annually), according to needs, via email and/or verbally.


  • Finance related BS Degree from a reputable university with GPA of 3.0+, with >3 years of analyst experience.
  • Expert in Excel functionality, including Vlookup, Pivot Tables, Macros, etc.
  • Strong in PowerPoint and have experience in creating pitch/presentation decks.
  • Interested in Real Estate and solid understanding of financial modeling such as IRR/NPV analysis.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to synthesize financial analysis and business objectives into clear business recommendations.
  • Comfortable presenting to senior leadership.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to build strong working relationships and influence others.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage multiple assignments.
  • Demonstrated initiative and ability to work independently.
  • Always looks for opportunities to improve existing processes.
  • Team player with a positive attitude.


Please send your resume and LinkedIn profile to

With your application, please answer the following questions in one page or less (Using Word Doc, Arial Font Size 11, preferably in English but Indonesian is ok).

  1. Why did you choose to apply to GoWork over other companies? What interests you the most about GoWork?
  2. What is one interesting thing you have read/seen recently that gives you a lasting impression and why?
  3. What makes you unique in 150 characters or less?

Unfortunately, candidates with incomplete applications won’t be considered for this role.


GoWork is Indonesia’s leading premium coworking space, where our mission is to help people be their best by reinventing the way they work.

  1. We provide world-class workspaces that are fully equipped with amenities and layout in accordance with our researched spatial design.
  2. We foster strong relationships within our diverse member community by facilitating collaborative discussions and hosting exclusive member activities.
  3. We contribute to building Indonesia’s startup ecosystem by hosting regular events for people from all interests, industries and backgrounds.
  4. We support our members with partnerships for services that meet their ongoing business needs, and provide lifestyle benefits for their enjoyment.
  5. We are uniquely technology enabled with our GoWork.

Founded in 2016, our Co-Founders have combined their passions and decades of experience in Real Estate, Community Building, Finance, Operation, and Tech.  GoWork currently operates 12 Hub locations, along with an additional 20 satellite locations across Jakarta, that are bookable through our app.  Our total membership base includes more than >2000 members from 500 companies, who are supported by over 60 of our community partners.  Our GoWork team continue to host more than 60 events each month, attracting over 1,000 attendees.  

Affiliated companies: Convergence Ventures, 500 Startups, Ismaya, Ideafest



  • We have strong spirit of collaboration and team work.
  • We believe that we can achieve bigger and greater things together and believe in the magic of strong community.


  • We take a good care of our health (mind, body and soul), which gives us full energy and mental sharpness.
  • Being healthy allows us to have positive energy, go the extra mile and deliver our best quality.


  • Each of us is an entrepreneur: we are competitive and have a desire to WIN!
  • Dare to work hard and continuously build a growth mindset.
  • Passionate and do things with purpose.
  • Love challenges, find creative solutions, embrace continuous learning and first to grab opportunities.


  • We always do the right thing and honor trustworthiness and integrity.
  • These are the things we do when no one is looking, no matter what your beliefs and religions are.


  • We are grateful and positive every moment and every day, because we are blessed.