Jr. Hub Manager


You will be the primary person responsible to make sure the space is operating smoothly, events are well attended and go off without a hitch, and that desk renters are happy. The primary mission is to create a successful coworking space and a place for like minded people to network, learn, and collaborate belongs to you.

This is a varied role, from making sure the space is full and people are happy, to running networking events, coordinating, staffing, making sure we have enough snacks and supplies in the kitchen, coordinating with cleaning staff, and more.

The role may expand depending on your success increasing the financial strength and scope of the space as a whole, and setting a strategic vision with the founders.

You will have the opportunity to work in a role that will reinvent and recreate the way people work.


  • Help new and existing desk renters settle into space, e.g. show around, issue wifi cards, sign up for a membership plan, etc
  • Coordinate tours with prospective members and assist them with any questions or concerns they may have
  • Act as the “face” or “point of contact” for members on a daily basis
  • Sales Role: responsible for member renewal and occupancy of all desks in Private Offices, coworking, Event Space and Meeting Rooms.
  • Ensure the space is clean and tidy, including meeting rooms, kitchen, reception area, common spaces, and desks.
  • Weekly organize the clean out of fridge and any storage areas.
  • Make sure supplies are stocked up, e.g. snacks, bathroom supplies, paper, toner, cleaning products, and others.
  • Manage petty cash for minor expenses
  • Develop and facilitate a system to manage all desk renters pitching in to collaborate on making the space great – allocating tasks, managing communications, making sure everyone is doing their share.


  • Manage email inquiries and respond within 24 hours of receiving
  • Physical walkthroughs/tours and on-boarding new people
  • Bookings, invoicing, and following up for conference room booking and daily renter
  • Manage relationships and constant communication with all members to make sure that all the members are happy, renew and make referrals.
  • Help maintain 100% occupancy in the space and 100% renewal rate.
  • Events to facilitate networking, bonding, skill sharing etc amongst Space renters
  • Stakeholder management (landlord, founders, renters, etc)


  • Manage the GoWork social media and build the audience
  • Monthly email newsletters to space users
  • Informing everyone of special events, building repairs, etc
  • Keep email list up to date and make sure sales pipeline for the space is up to date.


  • Manage and measure KPIs of the operations team including office staffs and office boys
  • Ensure all tasks are carried out by team members and that they grow and develop everyday


  • Fluency in English is a MUST, verbally and in writing. You will potentially have to work with a lot of foreigners who do not speak Indonesian.
  • Savvy at Microsoft Office, especially Excel and Power Point
  • Know how to solve basic IT and telephone issues around the office, or can be resourceful to find the right people to help solve the problem ASAP


You will be a highly self-managed person, and excited to work in a collaborative environment. You will have good organizational skills and be able to see what needs to get done and make it happen without the need for daily guidance. You will also have excellent communication skills, have a high self motivation, positive thinking and excited to interface with desk renters, the existing network, GoWork management team, and externally on social media.

You know how to strike a balance between engaging the community to foster a sense of ownership, and getting on with getting things done. You are primarily motivated by GoWork values

Ideally: Minimum 3 years experience as an Office Manager/similar work experience, have experience in starting/opening office from start and responsible for the whole operation.  Hospitality background is a huge plus.


Please send your resume and LinkedIn profile to career@go-work.com.

With your application, please answer the following questions in one page or less (Using Word Doc, Arial Font Size 11, preferably in English but Indonesian is ok).

  1. Why did you choose to apply to GoWork over other companies? What interests you the most about GoWork?
  2. What is one interesting thing you have read/seen recently that gives you a lasting impression and why?
  3. What makes you unique in 150 characters or less?

Unfortunately, candidates with incomplete applications won’t be considered for this role.


GoWork is Indonesia’s leading premium coworking space, where our mission is to help people be their best by reinventing the way they work.

  1. We provide world-class workspaces that are fully equipped with amenities and layout in accordance with our researched spatial design.
  2. We foster strong relationships within our diverse member community by facilitating collaborative discussions and hosting exclusive member activities.
  3. We contribute to building Indonesia’s startup ecosystem by hosting regular events for people from all interests, industries and backgrounds.
  4. We support our members with partnerships for services that meet their ongoing business needs, and provide lifestyle benefits for their enjoyment.
  5. We are uniquely technology enabled with our GoWork app.

Founded in 2016, our Co-Founders have combined their passions and decades of experience in Real Estate, Community Building, Finance, Operation, and Tech.  GoWork currently operates 12 Hub locations, along with an additional 20 satellite locations across Jakarta, that are bookable through our app.  Our total membership base includes more than >2000 members from 500 companies, who are supported by over 60 of our community partners.  Our GoWork team continue to host more than 60 events each month, attracting over 1,000 attendees.

Affiliated companies: Convergence Ventures, 500 Startups, Ismaya, Ideafest



  • We have strong spirit of collaboration and team work.
  • We believe that we can achieve bigger and greater things together and believe in the magic of strong community.


  • We take a good care of our health (mind, body and soul), which gives us full energy and mental sharpness.
  • Being healthy allows us to have positive energy, go the extra mile and deliver our best quality.


  • Each of us is an entrepreneur: we are competitive and have a desire to WIN!
  • Dare to work hard and continuously build a growth mindset.
  • Passionate and do things with purpose.
  • Love challenges, find creative solutions, embrace continuous learning and first to grab opportunities.


  • We always do the right thing and honor trustworthiness and integrity.
  • These are the things we do when no one is looking, no matter what your beliefs and religions are.


  • We are grateful and positive every moment and every day, because we are blessed.