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Coworking Space for Solopreneurs

by GoWork Team

While entrepreneurs and startups have long dominated this digital era, lately we’ve been seeing the emergence of solopreneurs. This rise is clearly not just some trend or fad, but a growing statistic amongst those in the startup world. But what exactly is a solopreneur? Solopreneurs are closer to freelancers who set up and run their own businesses. Being a solopreneur often forces someone to learn all aspects of the business very well in a short time. The main benefit of being a solopreneur is the freedom to work from anywhere. Most solopreneurs claim that the working environment is as fluid as water and as flexible as a yoga teacher! Solopreneurs can choose to work in any space that fits their varied needs, and one of the frequently used working environments is a coworking space.

The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

As solopreneurs, you have plenty options when it comes to choosing a working space. However, not all of those options are recommended. Of course, you can work at home. However, your home has more distractions than you care to admit. Coffee shop is another option for working mobile workers. As the name suggests, coffee shops specialize in offering drinks with caffeine, but it is not designed for working. Some people underestimate the benefits of working in a coworking space. So here are some benefits that you can get by working in one.

1. Networking

The main purpose of a coworking space is to encourage the growth of professional network and to foster the proliferation of a community. Compared to coffee shops or other hangout places, a coworking space allows you to meet other people who are passionate about their project and motivated about taking their work to the next level. This passion and motivation is as electrical as it is contagious. Most coworkers love the buzz and energy in a coworking space, as it propels them to work harder alongside other worker bees.

2. Business growth

Solopreneurs who work in a coworking space often experience faster growth than conventional entrepreneurs who work in traditional offices. In contrast to those who work at home or in a coffee shop, solopreneurs who are based in a coworking space can benefit from shared ideas and collaboration to help them innovate and create. In addition to this, most coworking spaces also offer a wide variety of classes, courses, and seminars to continuously improve the skillsets of the coworking community. Lastly, coworking spaces also provide a host of additional business services, such as legal advice, accounting and tax services, etc. These additional business services can help a solopreneur with the administrative aspects of running a business, thereby freeing up their time on things that really matter.

3. Free investment amenities & benefits

If you work in your own office, you’ll need to fork out plenty of money to renovate the office and stock it up with the necessary equipment and supplies. However, a coworking space does not burden you with such things. All you need to do is enroll with an all-in membership fee. With this membership fee, you can enjoy a comfortable workspace with all the standard office supplies. There’s even free coffee, tea, and water at most coworking spaces. In essence, there are a bunch of resources to help you focus on just doing your project.

4. Meeting new people

Meeting new people is something rare if you are working at home. At a coworking space, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to meet someone new every day. Who knows? The new people you meet may become your next business partner or even a potential client.