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Coworking Space or Private Office | What to Choose?

by GoWork Team

These days, startup founders have a hard time in finding an office space for rent, this is because entrepreneurs are undecided whether to work in a shared workspace or a private office. Well, a coworking space actually provides those 2 choices. What is coworking space? Well, to answer that simple question, a coworking space is basically an office that provides either private offices, shared workspaces, event spaces, or meeting rooms. So what are the criteria to look at in choosing a coworking space or a private office?


If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind sharing an office at work, then probably a coworking space suits you. Maybe sharing office space with coworkers is normal, but how about sharing office space with another company? Would you mind that? If you are those people who don’t like your work to be distracted and to be seen by another company, then a private office is suitable for you. Some people actually prefer to be secluded in a room to be able to focus during work.

Vast Network

coworking benefits

However, sharing an office at work with another company isn’t all that bad. To be fair, it is actually a good thing for networking, networking with other people from different companies creates more connection for you, thus creating a nice collaborative workspace. Imagine talking to another people in your office which isn’t from the same company, which would actually be nice wouldn’t it? This way, you wouldn’t have to be bored of seeing the same coworkers from the same company every day. If this is what you like to do, then working in a shared office space might suit you. Plus, connecting with someone from another company in a shared workspace could get you more friends.

Coworking Facilities

coworking facilities

What are some coworking benefits? What would you get if you have a private office or work in a coworking area? Perhaps, some of you might ask these kinds of questions. Simply said, the number of facilities provided by coworking companies for either a private office or a coworking area is sufficient for your startup companies. This means you would get the exact same facility whether you plan to use a private office or simply a coworking area.

Coworking spaces provide facilities like internets, so you don’t need to pay for your internets anymore as the coworking space itself would handle it. Other than internet, by becoming a member in a coworking space, you would get access to business class printers, state of the art meeting rooms, and free barista-brewed beverages provided by Djournal Coffee and Woodpecker Coffee, exclusive events and workshops, and even a spacious lounge area. Other than that, a coworking space also provides a shower room, this is for you who are lazy to take a shower in the morning and wishes to go to the office in a hurry. But again, if you want to have an office space for your own company, then the private office is the way to go.

Coworking Environment

If you are the type of person who really pays attention to details and has a taste of design, then you might want to choose a coworking space design that is pleasing to the eye. There are tons of people that really pay attention to the design of the place that they are working at. For some people, it helps them to be more focused on working. Surely, you would get a nice private office design in a coworking space, but if you work in the coworking area itself, this is the place where you could really indulge yourself in the design.

coworking space private office

So what do you think? Is this article helpful in helping you choose either a private office or a coworking space? If it does, you could find both of these shared workspaces and a private office provided by this coworking space in Jakarta, which is unlike any other. Why? Well, other coworking space wouldn’t bother too much about its design. Some might not even worry about the quality of the coworking space (you know what we are talking about, internet quality, member experience, and the number of high-quality facilities), they only pay attention to the quantity of their coworking space. Looking for further information regarding private office? Or are you Interested in finding out more about the locations of these coworking spaces? Check it out here!