GoWork x Setipe.com: Redefining Love and Choosing The One (3 March 2018)

3 March 2018

GoWork and Setipe.com Present:

Redefine Love and Choosing “The Right One”

After 271 @setipedotcom marriages, this is what I've learned…
When it comes to finding our significant others, we all have our own wish lists. However,
finding a life partner doesn't always happen like what you see in the movies. Some people
have been through toxic relationships and have become fearful to take that leap again. While
some others have no idea what they are looking for in relationships.
This collaboration workshop between GoWork and Setipe.com will help you discover your
true self and what you should expect from love, how a healthy relationship can enhance your
professional lives as well as practical tips on finding and deciding on the "one".
What will i be learning? :
– How to embrace your true self
– How to be content as a single person
– Finding vs attracting the right person
– How to know he / she is the "one"
– Defining love in a romantic relationship
– Contentment vs happiness in a long term relationship
– How to navigate the eventually bumpy road that is marriage.
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We’ll see you soon 