+Lingkaran X GoWork – Developing an Effective Campaign Strategy for Social Enterprise (22 July 2017)

22 July 2017


About this event

Join +Lingkaran on their 2nd in-haus class at GoWork discussing about social enterprise marketing campaign with Iqbal Hariadi, and he will help you to create effective marketing campaign for your social enterprise

Iqbal Hariadi is a marketing manager of Kitabisa.com

Every social enterprise marketing campaign involves a slice of giving back. Then, what can a social enterprise do to set them selves apart? How can we stand up and engage more people to get involved in this mission?

In this class, Iqbal will guide you to learn how to define campaign objective, pick the right target audiences and craft the storytelling, the essential aspect for raising awareness, engage the market, and get people join the movement. By implementing right storytelling and content marketing, social enterprises can leverage and scale its campaign impact.

Class Details: Sat, Jul 22, 2017 10.00-13.00 at GoWork
Early Bird: IDR 265.000
Normal Price: IDR 295.000 (Fee including E-certificate and light meals)

Register yourself for this in-haus class by heading up to lingkaran.co/in-haus-class