Slush Singapore & Monk’s Hill Ventures : The State of Southeast Asian Tech

August 31 2018

We are touring the region! Join us for the launch of The State of Southeast Asian Tech report and for a panel discussion on Indonesia’s tech and startup ecosystem. What could be a better way to mark the countdown to Slush Singapore!

About the report

Earlier this year, we at Slush Singapore and Monk’s Hill Ventures took on a quest to map out the Southeast Asian tech, startup and funding ecosystem. We were joined by many partners with a common goal to create a meaningful overview around the state of funding, trending sectors and future projections of growth for the region.

The time has come to put Southeast Asia on the map.

Those of us with a front seat to the speedy development of the region have all realized that it is on its way to becoming one of the key technology and startup hubs of the world.

Whether you are from within this region or from outside of it, we hope this report will provide a great starting point to understand Southeast Asia’s tech and startup landscape, as well as the opportunities within.

We hope the report will serve as a great reference point for your research, written articles and talks, or simply satisfy the curiosity of your inquiring mind.