Bloom Your Love With Ballon Bloom Box

Bloom Your Love With Ballon Bloom Box

27 July 2019

What is the relation between a balloon and flowers?

Fun characteristic of balloons turns out to be a good match with flowers.  With certain placement techniques, this collaboration of balloons and flowers can be a special gift for your loved ones.  Birthday and graduation gifts, for example.

Want it to be more special?  Make it yourself!  If you don't know-how, you can join our workshop.  Relax, because this workshop is suitable for beginners, the material will be taught from the basic.

And then you just need often practices, surely your results will be more cool and even worth selling.  Sounds like a new business opportunity right?

What Will You Learn :

  1. How to do the balloon techniques (balloon inside a balloon)
  2. How to arrange a beautiful medium size bloom box

Price Include :

  1. Your Own Balloon Bloom Box
  2. E-Certificate
  3. Goodie Bag
  4. Snack
  5. GoWork Coworking Voucher worth IDR 375,000

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