Brand Survival: Consistency as a Key Factor to Survive in Current Era

Brand Survival: Consistency as a Key Factor to Survive in Current Era

21 August 2020

“Brand” and “Branding” is the world's most mentioned keyword amongst marketing professionals. The problem is, just a few understand how to one brand can survive in this current are, the most important thing to plan for your brand

In this class, you will learn about
  1. Understand why a consistent brand matters
  2. How to create a brand guide and getting clear with their brand story
  3. The importance of circulating brand guide company wide and developing brand-style guidelines
  4. Can set future planning on their brands (annual review of the guidelines, renewing fresh and exciting messages)
  5. Learn some cases of how brand consistency comes to fruition.
This class is suggested for
  1. Junior-mid level Brand Professionals
  2. Brand Marketers
  3. Brand & Marketing Enthusiasts
  4. Marketing Communications

Fikri Hilman, Brand Manager of Ninja Xpress

Currently Hilman works as Brand Manager at Ninja Express. his responsibility are (1)Identify, develop, or evaluate marketing & brand strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors, (2) Formulate, direct, or coordinate marketing activities or policies to promote services (ATL & BTL), (3) Collaborations & partnership with other company to create campaign & brand activation. Before he joined at Ninja Express, Hilman work at PT Fumakilas as a Chief Market and sales plan.

Syarat dan Ketentuan
  1. Kelas dimulai pukul 19.00 WIB.
  2. Konfirmasi untuk link registrasi webinar akan dikirimkan dalam kurun sehari sebelum acara.
  3. Pastikan memasukan nama lengkap dan email sesuai dengan data yang dimasukkan dalam formulir GoWork ketika melakukan registrasi untuk link webinar. Kami tidak akan approve registrant yang nama lengkap dan email tidak sesuai dengan yang telah terdaftar di formulir GoWork.
  4. Kelas akan dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Ticket Price: IDR 120,000

Setelah transaksi pembayaran kamu berhasil, kamu akan mendapatkan info terkait URL Streaming di e-voucher (dikirim via email).