Digital Marketing Strategy: Boosting Business Growth

Digital Marketing Strategy: Boosting Business Growth

22 February 2021

Just as the online world has become more relevant and necessary to the functioning of our society, digital marketing has become essential to success for businesses that operate within that society. Especially with the COVID-19 situation, traditional marketing is getting more irrelevant. As millions permanently transition to purchasing products and services online, businesses must ensure they are digitally visible and accessible. With the fast development of digital marketing tools and techniques, it is quite a challenge for marketers to decide and utilize digital marketing tools that really give an impact on their business. In this class, you will learn what to consider in determining the best strategy that gives results to your business.

  • How to build a campaign strategy in digital ads that drives business result.
  • The pros and cons of a different platform to determine which channel suits your strategy the most.
  • Learn how to do strategic segmenting with digital ads.
  • Improve brand awareness to drive user acquisition.
  • How to decide the right amount of budget and manage the allocation for each platform.
  • How to track and measure campaign performance.

ZhiWei Neo - Performance Marketing Manager of Tinder

ZhiWei is currently the Performance Marketing Manager at Tinder. Previously, he was in a digital media agency, running user acquisition campaigns for consumer apps, digital platforms, and streaming services. He is based in Singapore.

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  • Junior digital marketing professionals
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