Glints X REAPRA : How To Build Your Sustainable Business

Glints X REAPRA : How To Build Your Sustainable Business

14 August 2019

Hello Go-Hustlers! In partnership with Glints & REAPRA, we are bringing you an exclusive workshop on sustainable entrepreneurship in August! Hear first-hand from our investments team on how to build a business for the long run, and learn how you can kickstart your entrepreneurship journey with the Build 80 Program.


REAPRA is a venture builder and investment group. We partner with entrepreneurs who are dynamic, visionary, and ahead of the curve. Together, we can transform ideas into businesses, companies into drivers of thriving industries, and entrepreneurs into future leaders. Since 2015, we have invested in over 60 founders across South East Asia and Japan and now with Glints we are looking to work with more founders in Indonesia at idea stage with the passion towards building long term sustainable companies.

As a Founder, You Are :

  • Either a sole founder or co-founders - we work with both
  • Scrappy (or resilient and resourceful)
  • Open to feedback and a high willingness to learn
  • Working on being a better version of yourself
  • Capable of managing complex situations and markets
  • Seeking capital only after figuring something out
  • Motivated by a personal mission and vision which drives your business direction
  • Striving for efficient entrepreneurship. This means being capital efficient. You are thinking about using the least amount of capital to get to profitability.

Details of the program :

We ask Founders to apply, an those we shortlist will be invited to a special session at GoWork Setiabudi with Glints and REAPRA team. During this workshop, you will learn about sustainable entrepreneurship and how to start a company. All participants after the event will be invited to apply for REAPRA's Build 80 Program.

*any information that is provided will be reviewed by personnel from REAPRA and/or Glints to assess the suitability for the Build 80 Program.

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