GoWork X ActionCOACH : Creating High Performance Teams

GoWork X ActionCOACH : Creating High Performance Teams

13 February 2020

Have you ever work with a great team? Everyone dreams to be a part of a great team. Great team will not only work together hand-in-hand, but they will encourage and excites you to do the things you thought were impossible. A great team will create a highly-performing businesses. In light of this, we invite you to join:


Creating High Performance Teams


In this workshop will help you with proven strategies and instantly applicable skills that will help you improve your team’s performance, development and relationship


What will you learn from this workshop?

  • Components of a high performance team
  • Get clarity on what needs to be improved
  • Action plan of what you can do to improve


Facilitated by:

Marvin Suwarso - Business Growth Facilitator

Marvin is a business growth facilitator who provides clarity to how CEOs and their executive teams lead and manage their businesses better so that they can positively impact the world to be a better place. Since 2009 he has helped hundreds of businesses in Indonesia to grow. As well as being an owner of multiple businesses himself, he has also worked with a range of businesses, from micro all the way to multi-national companies.

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