GoWork X ActionCOACH : Running Effective Meetings

GoWork X ActionCOACH : Running Effective Meetings

11 March 2020

Are you excited when you are invited to join or to lead a weekly meeting? Or your daily huddle? If you are like most people, there are probably a lot more things you would rather do, like banging your head against the wall.

Unfortunately, as vital as meetings actually are to the success of organizations, there are a lot of cases of dysfunctional meetings in the workplace. These meetings tend to be one-sided, going around in circles or are generally a waste of time for most people involved.

In this fun and interactive event, we will be going over the following areas:

  • Key elements of meeting management
  • Roles of meeting participants
  • The ideal meeting rhythm

If you are someone who would like to make the meetings you are involved in more effective, efficient and energetic, then this event is for you!

Facilitated by:

Marvin Suwarso - Business Growth Facilitator

Marvin is a business growth facilitator who provides clarity to how CEOs and their executive teams lead and manage their businesses better so that they can positively impact the world to be a better place. Since 2009 he has helped hundreds of businesses in Indonesia to grow. As well as being an owner of multiple businesses himself, he has also worked with a range of businesses, from micro all the way to multi-national companies.