GoWork X Social Media Week Jakarta:

GoWork X Social Media Week Jakarta: "How Social Media Plays A Role In Wellness Industry"

12 November 2019

As a part of Social Media Week Jakarta 2019GoWork is hosting a satellite event, "How Social Media Plays a Role in Wellness Industry".

Based on research conducted by a personal coach platform, 80% of people aged 18-35 have a specific fitness goal. They, however, admitted not fully committed in their effort to achieve the goal. They acknowledged that motivation comes from within themselves, but need constant support and monitoring from a personal coach.

Finding and choosing a personal coach that fits the client's character and exercise style is not an easy task. On top of skills and competencies, clients prioritize two main factors when choosing their personal coach, namely: attitude and experience. This is just an example of how important personal branding is in the wellness industry.


  1. Raymond Chin, Head of Product at The FIT Company
  2. Kenneth Ghow, Branding Consultant of Egghead
  3. Alvalino Kasenda, Celebrity Coach

Moderated by: Kevin Riel, Content & SEO Coordinator of GoWork

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