GoWork X Social Media Week Jakarta:

GoWork X Social Media Week Jakarta: "Leverage Your Brand Presence and Grow Your Business on Twitter"

15 November 2019

Audience and conversation is Twitter’s superpower. Be it movies, music, gaming, news or sports; Twitter makes it easier for people to participate in conversations, and making it easier for people to find what they are looking for when they come to the platform.

As an information and interest-based platform, Twitter is the largest publicly available of human thoughts - making it the ideal platform for brands to connect with their most valuable audiences.

Why? Because their audience’s voices are authentic and unique.

This session is ideal for marketers who wants to dig deeper on what they can and should do to leverage Twitter’s audience and conversation to build better awareness and engagement.


  1. Dwi Adriansah, Country Industry Head, Indonesia – Twitter
  2. Sigit Leksana, Client Partner - Twitter

This session will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia

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