How To Negotiate Your Way Through The Life Of Your Dreams!

12 March 2019

You may not realize it but you are negotiating every day. Whether it is with your business partner or your boss, whether it is with you Gojek driver or your kid, negotiation is part of our daily life. Whether you are doing it effectively or not is a different story. Our inability to negotiate successfully makes us feel like we are misunderstood and this leads us to a place of frustration and lack of satisfaction.

In this one hour class, Meena who is a life coach and business mentor, (ex Exec VP of Business Development), will help you master the skill and art of negotiation. In this session, you will learn how to build confidence and credibility, how to become an effective communicator and how to negotiate your way through even the most difficult situations.

Meena has been dubbed as "the top business negotiator" by Jakarta Globe and Globe Asia. And she will share all! So, don't miss this very powerful session and join the class to become an effective communicator in your life!

What will you learn :

  • How to identify your mental barriers
  • Become an effective communicator and negotiator
  • Use your strength to increase your bargaining power
  • Develop a win-win strategy by creating value for yourself and your counterpart
  • Convert conflicts into collaborations and 
  • How to create possibilities in a "dead end" scenario

What is the price inclusive of : 

  • Free Health Check and Analysis (valued at US$200)
  • Free Rejuve Drink


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