Learn How To Draw Poses & Clothes On Figures

Learn How To Draw Poses & Clothes On Figures

28 September 2019

Hi Learners! Many people have a hobby of imagination especially in terms of clothing, but usually, they are confused about how to distribute their imagination. Even though many people are talented in doing mix and match clothes, some even want to draw it on paper and also aspire to become a fashion designer.

However, lessons at school do not facilitate directly to distribute their imagination to drawing figures, so Bella Donna The Institute helps to facilitate those who have hobbies in terms of clothing also for those who are interested in becoming a fashion designer. Image creation does require inspiration and a wealth of imagination. Especially for you who have a myriad of ideas for creating fashion designs and accessories.

Of course, to pour fashion inspiration into an image is necessary. The trouble is, not many can easily draw it well. It takes a will and patience to spill it in detailed pictures – both in the form of poses and body gestures. If you really want to be able to draw poses and clothing in figures, it’s time to hone your skills, will, and your patience!

What will you learn?

  • Drawing technique figures properly (from head, body, hands, feet)
  • The technique how to draw clothes on a figure
  • The technique of how to color the figure

What is the price inclusive of?

  • Snack
  • Goodie Bag