Learn The Modern Brush Script Calligraphy

Learn The Modern Brush Script Calligraphy

24 August 2019
Have you ever received invitations with calligraphy on it? Cool isn't! So elegant and artsy. This modern calligraphy technique not only can be applied to the invitation. This day, you can also enjoy this art through any medium. For house ornament for example. The modern calligraphy art usually will apply to the wood.

By the way, you can explore your activity by creating something unique with modern calligraphy. Free to choose any medium and also any kind of word. But first, you must learn basic modern calligraphy. So, join our workshop! 

What Will You Learn?
All about modern brush create calligraphy. A basic introduction to modern brush calligraphy as decorative writing on paper using a brush pen.

Mentor : 
Natasha Dian. She is a graphic designer who's known for her expressive and detailed craftmanship in her works. Her works mostly contain calligraphy and hand lettering that are done due to the commission for weddings, relaxation purposes and decreasing the uses of screens (yes, work). Formally trained in graphic design, the beauty of typefaces have become her interest and chosen creative media.

Registration Fee :

  • GoWork Members - IDR 650,000
  • GoWork Non Members - IDR 700,000 
Price includes :
  • Snack
  • Goodie Bag
  • E-Certificate
  • Module Booklet and Practice Sheet
  • Two Pieces Regular Brush Pen
  • A Fine Tip Brush Pen
  • Pencil and Watercolor Paper
  • Blank Notebook
  • GoWork Coworking Voucher worth it IDR 375,000