MANA CLASS : The Future Of Influencer Marketing

23 March 2019
Most of us heard about it, know a thing or two, but the business of influencer marketing goes far and deep into what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said, "What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done."

Influencer Marketing is becoming a staple in every digital marketing plan of any brand nowadays. How the business evolves from utilizing a brand ambassador to represent a product to mobilizing hundreds of micro-influencers to create a buzz and brand uplift, it envolves from luxury into a primary of every digital marketer's portfolio. However we describe it, at the heart of it - is making people believe in what you are doing thru a third-party perspective. And with USD 5,000,000,000 in its market size, Influence Marketing is something you want to have a serious talk with.

What should I do to get on the hype? I'm glad you asked. Come and see us on the 23th of March 2019.

Takeaways : 
  • “Wait, what is Instagram? I thought people are still using Friendster?”
  • “Where to start if I am a newbie of influencer marketing?”
  • “I don’t have big budget, how to engage influencers?”

  • “How to calculate my ROI?”
Mentor : 
Oddie Randa - Chief Operating Officer of Gushcloud Group
With 6 years career in the influencer marketing industry, Oddie started Gushcloud Indonesia's office (now the biggest influencer marketing company in Indonesia) from the era of skepticism towards "twitter buzzer" unto what can be called "The Golden Age of Influencer Marketing". He doesn't just KNOW about influencer marketing, he's livin' it.

What to prepare :
  • Notes and Stationery
  • Your mobile phone
Who can join this session :
  • Entrepreneur / Profesional
  • Entry-level digital marketer
  • Those who want to know more about Influencer Marketing

Registration Fee :

  • Early bird ticket - IDR 200,000 / pax (only until 18 March 2019)
  • Regular ticket price - IDR 300,000 / pax

Price includes : Workshop slides and snack box

Notes :
  • Seats are limited and payment confirmation is required after RSVP
  • First paid, first serve
  • This session will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia
For more information
WhatsApp : 081298252180
Email :
Line : @manaclass