Tasty Thursday at GoWork Setiabudi

11 April 2019

        Hi GoWorkers!


It's time for our monthly Tasty Thursday again.

Let's gather 'round at Setiabudi 5th floor Event Space on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 11.30AM!


Let's eat and network along with other GoWork member!

Psssttt.. the event will be attended by a very inspiring person, Pak Nedi.

Short story about Pak Nedi, his condition, which made him paralysed from hips below,
is able to defend for his life and his family by running a phone service kiosk in Jakarta.
He is trying to inspire so many others like him to live a fullfiling live by holding special classes
for those in need to teach them on how to repair phones while also sharing his life story.

you can also help him to get as many used phones as possible so he can continue his amazing work in teaching others.
We are starting this campaign to help him to reach out to all GoWork members,
all GoWork locations will be a drop off point for the phones!

It is as easy as contacting our Team and handover your used phone, no matter how old,
whatever the conditions, your help will be greatly appreciated!

This campaign will be running for the whole month of April and ends on the 8th May 2019, so don't missed out!

Confirmation of Attendance via our App is a must! Book your meal here