Thrive Thursday : Disruptive Technology in Successful Business

28 February 2019

The pace of innovation is incredibly fast with new things being discovered daily. That being said, there are a number of developments that have and will continue to shape business strategies. From automation to sustainability, organisations are adapting to a whole new wave of consumer preferences.

To understand it clearly, we will invite leaders from emerging tech startups such as Kudo, Nodeflux, and Pakde! You will know their experiences, challenges in building a tech startup that disrupt the old ways also, ways to be successful someday! This event will be moderated by Grace Tjandra from Also, IKIGAI will present their startup and solution.

It is a regular event that Alpha Momentum will conduct once in a month on Thursday, we name it Thrive Thursday. We would make a day for startups could remember of how thrive being Founders / Entrepreneurs.