Venture Capital Financing : Venture Debt As An Additional Channel Of Raising Funds For Your Grow Startup

1 July 2019

Start-ups have been raising funds to grow their business with venture capital (equity) as the mainstream source of financing. Over the last 5 years in Southeast Asia, Venture Debt has become increasingly popular as more founders become more acquainted with the concept of raising Venture Debt.

This panel will explore the 3 W's of venture debt: WHAT is venture debt, WHO can raise venture debt and WHY venture debt is attractive to a young growing up-start. Hear from Genesis Alternative Venture - Southeast Asia 1st Private Venture Debt Fund on how the fund is bringing venture debt to start-ups in Indonesia. GoWork will share its experience on raising venture debt and Eng Seet from Openspace Ventures will talk about a VC's view on the venture capital ecosystem.

On the panel will be PT Bank CIMB Niaga - who has partnered with Genesis Alternative Ventures to bring venture debt to Indonesia start-ups. CIMB Niaga will talk about banking for the new economy start-ups and how the bank is re-designing banking products that will suit the needs of these fast-growth companies.

Please come join us for an exciting panel discussion and network with the venture debt, banking and venture capital folks, and your fellow start-up community.

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