STUI Launching : Life After Graduation

STUI Launching : Life After Graduation

12 October 2019

#1 StuiTalk is a launching event organized by Stui Indonesia aim to introduce Stui mobile apps as our main product. As an integrated platform for inspiration, Stui mobile apps are designed to support Indonesia students in achieving future goal through self-developmental activities and inspiring content.

In accordance to our purpose, this launching event will cover a discussion about post-graduation life as current issues for majority of fresh graduates. Therefore, we are proud to attend our speakers who used to be high-achiever individual and have proven successful school-work transition. Finally, Stui existence through our products mean to support Indonesian youth in shaping their better future.

The Speaker(s):

  1. Evita Martha (World Bank)
  2. Abdan Syakur (McKinsey)
  3. Armansyah Adhityo (Unilever)
  4. Nadira Safitri (Shopee)