Tasty Thursday at Menara Rajawali

Tasty Thursday at Menara Rajawali

28 November 2019

Helloooo GoWork Hustlerrrssss!!

It's that time of the month!!!

Tasty Thursday timeeee!!

How's November so far? Good?  Let's catch up with each other at the event space on this Tasty Thursday, lunch on us!

Don't forget to book your spot via apps!

Make sure you are registered and have an active member status on GoWork Apps.

Don't forget to secure your spot by click attend the "Tasty Thursday at GoWork Menara Rajawali" event.

Sorry GoWork hustlers, but lunch will only be provided for those who show their booking confirmation to our team.

❤ See you GoWork Hustleerrrssss tomooorrooowwww ❤