Celebrating Five Years of Revolutionizing Work

Celebrating Five Years of Revolutionizing Work
Promo Period
17 May - 30 Jun 2021

It has been a Fivebulous journey for GoWork.

We’re inviting you to join in the celebration of our fifth year in transforming and revolutionizing workspaces and create the foundation for the office spaces of the future. For this, we’ve lined up special offers, discounts, and bonuses that are available exclusively for you, for a limited time.

55% Off Private Office*

House your team in the office space that suits their specific needs. Beyond the requirements for safety, security, and comfort, your team needs the convenience and flexibility to thrive. GoWork office spaces are ready to transform your office space into a hybrid workspace--prioritizing your team members’ personal space, ease of access, and quality of life.

Here’s a fun fact about hybrid office spaces: on average, an employee requires at least 150 square feet of space, plus 25 extra sqf for their comfort and safety. Have you provided enough space for your team members? Now’s the perfect time to decentralize your office space and benefit from GoWork’s anniversary private office deal.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period: May 17 - June 30, 2021.
  • Private office contract sign up must be between the promotion period and not extendable.
  • Minimum three months contract.
  • Eligible only for new GoWork members.
  • Private office contract needs to start latest June 30, 2021.
  • Maximum of six months lease contract is eligible for GoWork 55% discount promo.

Celebrating Five Years of Revolutionizing Work

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Promo Coworking

Rp50.000/Day Coworking Access*

If flexibility is the name of your game, then our coworking access is the perfect workspace for you. Work from any one of our 25+ hubs strategically located across Indonesia for only Rp50.000/day*.

Not only will you experience a more productive and safe working environment, you will also benefit from our high speed internet access and free flows of coffee, tea, and mineral water.

Did you know that according to a PwC research, 74% of employees that work in a coworking space report healthier work environments, and a better overall wellbeing when compared to employees in less flexible workspace arrangements? Look no further and head on to your nearest GoWork to enjoy this limited time offer.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period: May 17 - June 30, 2021.
  • Eligible only for basic GoWork App membership.
  • Insert the following promo code at GoWork App to enjoy the deal: 5IVEBULOUSGW
Promo Credits

5 FREE Extra Credits*

Looking for a more long-term arrangement for flexible access to our coworking spaces? We got you covered.

For every purchase of 20 credits in our ever-so-convenient GoWork App, get five FREE extra credits, on us. Start taking control of your schedule by seamlessly booking your workspace through our app, even before you start your day.

FYI, there are more than 24.000 Hustlers that are registered in the GoWork App. Through the app, these hustlers share resources, register on exclusive events, and book workspaces seamlessly without having to break a sweat. In the GoWork app, connect with everyone that’s anyone, and become part of our extensive community of members and partners--plus, redeem benefits that are available for all GoWork App users.

Here’s to five more years of reinventing the workspace to adapt to the ever-changing need for productivity, comfort, and convenience. Discover the workspace of the future, here at GoWork.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period: May 17 - June 30, 2021.
  • Available for GoWork App and web purchase.
  • Extra credits are free with every purchase of 20 GoWork Credits.