Your Startup Will Thrive In A Coworking Space
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Your Startup Will Thrive In A Coworking Space

by GoWork Team

According to a number of studies, people who work in coworking spaces thrive when compared to their office-based counterparts. That is because of flexibility, control, the human element, collaboration, and lack of internal politics, among other factors.

Notable companies that started in coworking spaces include:

  1. Instagram
  2. Indiegogo
  3. Wanderfly
  4. Uber
  5. Timehop

Coworking spaces are no longer only for start-ups, freelancers, and remote workers. The following companies have adopted the coworking concept in one way or another.

  • Visa
  • KPMG
  • HSBC
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Ricoh

Ricoh’s innovation team worked out of a coworking space for several months. The result was the development of several new products. It’s no surprise that many big companies are applying the lessons of coworking spaces to corporate offices.

The Real Value of Coworking Spaces

1. Flexibility of Time and Space

A coworking space is open 24/7. Therefore, you can work there any time. You can decide to work during the day or even burn the midnight oil working there.

If you want to work alone, you can find a quiet space. Alternatively, you can choose a collaborative space with shared tables if you prefer a more interactive environment for brainstorming.

2. The Human Element

This is very important. You will find an ecosystem of people and companies in a coworking space. You will surround yourself with hardworking and smart people who will help you during challenging times. These very people are passionate about what they do and their optimism is often as infectious as it is inspiring.

There is little internal politics and competition because people come from different companies and industries. Instead, the spirit of collaboration and shared ideas is very much revered and encouraged in the coworking community.

3. Unique Culture & Values

Coworking spaces are about people and passion. The culture is nurturing because the people in them promote creation and innovation through the exchange of ideas and collaboration. Coworking space values include sustainability, collaboration, community, and learning.


The Bottom-Line

A coworking space will help your startup grow. You will benefit from a wide range of support services and people with unique skills who are always ready to help.

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