ALDO at GoWork: Zest for Life Workshop

ALDO at GoWork: Zest for Life Workshop

by GoWork Team

On Friday (26/4), ALDO held the Zest for Life Workshop, in part of launching their new “Zest for Life” campaign at GoWork Plaza Indonesia. Other than inviting well-renowned speakers, they also transformed our location into a pure visualization of their brand image: a pink-colored pool of youth spirit, flux, and contemporary identity.

The first workshop, “Self Branding and Career Fashion Look”, had Olivia Lazuardy talk about how she built her self-branding from the ground up. “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” she said. She then further elaborated the top-down approach to building one’s self-brand, through accumulating experience, credibility, and skills. All of this will ultimately coalesce into an image that you present to the world.

Following Olivia’s talk, was mas Iwet Ramadhan’s discussion on how to juggle aspects life and work without upsetting the delicate balance between the two. On “How to Work Hard and Enjoy Life”, mas Iwet demonstrated his personal encounters with moments where his life and work are dissolving into one, where he has to decide if he would take the time of the day for himself, or catch up on work. Mas Iwet also discussed about his interpersonal relationships with people, and how his personal and work social life are intermixed, and how to wisely dissect a line between the two.

While the workshops were going on inside GoWork’s event space, a claw machine was placed on the coworking area for people who want to try their luck in snagging some of the tantalizing prizes, like shoes and handbags.