GoWork x GO-JEK: Building dynamic employee experience through avant-garde workspaces
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GoWork x GO-JEK: Building dynamic employee experience through avant-garde workspaces

by GoWork Team

If “Customer Experience” represents the sum of all interactions a brand or company has with their customers, then “Employee Experience” (EX) signifies the sum of everything that an employee has with the company. It is a trend that’s currently picking up speed in the modern companies that put interest in the welfare of their workforce.

The EX takes form in the major milestones, onboarding process, up to the quality-of-life perks and benefits received by the employee. The quality of each interaction from the recruitment process up to the end of their tenure is taken into account when measuring the value of the relationship between employees and the company.

Companies has begun to put more attention towards EX as the job market grows even more competitive by the year. A published Gallup perspective on EX states that the employees of today have become the “consumer of workplace”, as the competition for top talents continues to increase. To ensure talent retention, the company must be able to keep an eye on decisive moments in order to build great employee experience.

The Workspace Experience

Out of the many aspects of the employee journey that the EX touches, the workspace is the most tangible and dynamic of all. The workspace experience, besides the obvious brick-and-mortar building and its furniture, involves the technology used to support a workspace, the innovative office layouts, and amenities equipped.

However, The workspace itself is dynamic. It’s constantly changing, and must always be updated with the latest innovations and trends in technology, design, and architecture. Experimentation with the workspace layout is noted to be one of the latest trends in the EX world. Mix and match new furniture, and fit the workspace out with bleeding edge tech to further empower their productivity.

Welcoming Go-Jek!

Recently, GoWork partnered up with GO-JEK, welcoming the GO-LIFE team to their new base in GoWork Senayan City. GO-JEK signed up more than 90 members of their team to experience the GoWork experience, which constantly changes and adapts to the dynamic flow of the physical workspace trend.

Besides GO-JEK, notable corporate and government-owned enterprise tenants such as Lamudi, The Fit Company, Fave, and Pegadaian are some examples of GoWork members that utilize the flexible, versatile workspaces that challenge the traditional conventions of a coworking space.

Rejuvenating your company’s employee experience has never been easier. GoWork’s enterprise solutions aim to provide you with an accessible process to find, build, and outfit the perfect workspace for your team: sourcing your preferred locations at preferential rates for any team sizes up to 500 members, with custom layout and configuration that works best, with flexible tenor and arrangements.

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