What is Hot Desking and What Are Its Benefits?

What is Hot Desking and What Are Its Benefits?

by GoWork Team

Now that remote working has become a staple, office spaces are facing a certain issue: almost half of corporate office spaces are not being used effectively, or even at all. That is a lot of wasted space, and it’s definitely going to affect the company’s OP/EX–and ultimately, its bottom line.

With work now becoming more flexible and dynamic, and workspaces now becoming more open and shared, hot-desking has become a preferred system by many middle to large-sized companies. 

More than allowing employees to stay productive and maximize collaboration, hot-desking lets you plan and utilize an effective amount of workspace. GoWork provides easy access to hot desks for you and your teams, with daily, weekly, and even monthly arrangements.

However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s take a deeper look at hot-desking, its benefits, and how you can make it work for your team.

Hot Desking meaning

What is Hot-Desking?

Hot-desking is a workspace system that involves workspaces that are shared and can be used by different people at different times. The goal here is to provide an ad hoc workspace for employees or a group of them to use at any time, without the need to reserve space. With this arrangement, companies can avoid creating redundant spaces in the office for workspaces. 

The flexibility provided by the hot-desk system encourages collaboration between team members and a sense of freedom and control over their work.

What do you need to run an ideal hot desk system?

Hot desking, at its core, requires nothing more than an easily accessible workspace with sufficient peripherals to support work. For example, a comfortable desk and chair in a common area with easy access to a power outlet and internet connection. Of course, arrangements can change depending on the situation and requirements.

However, preparation for hot-desking doesn’t end there. To ensure optimum productivity, there are many factors to consider. 

Employees will need access to office tools, supplies, and auxiliary rooms. Similar to more traditional workspace arrangements, printer stations, phone booths, and meeting rooms should be available throughout the office for users that need more than just their laptops to work effectively. Private workspaces may also be needed for users that require privacy and quiet.

In a coworking setup like those which can be found at GoWork, these can be easily found all around the hub. Pantry and lounge areas are shared between users of the hot desk area. 

They are, of course, cleaned, maintained, and restocked by office assistants. Additionally, at GoWork, you can also find free-flow coffee, and snack stations. Health and safety procedures are also closely observed, both by users and hub management.\

Why use hot desking

What are the benefits of Hot-Desking?

There are plenty of benefits that come with the Hot-Desking workspace system. They are not limited only to big companies, but also freelancers and digital nomads. Here are some of the shared benefits that everyone can enjoy by utilizing a hot desk work system.

Lower Operational Cost

From rent to utility, hot desking can help you reduce the overhead operating costs of your business. It allows you to expand your team without the need to scale your office footprint. In fact, companies that use hot-desking, coworking, and other flexible workspace systems save up to 5% of their operating costs, according to a recent survey by Cushman & Wakefield.

Promote freedom and collaboration between team members

By being able to move around and seat themselves wherever they need to, team members are more likely to initiate impromptu collaborations with each other. This 2018 research found that shared workspaces like hot desks and coworking spaces promote collaboration between people from different industries and companies.

Moreover, with hot-desking, you’re also able to tap into different pools of talents at once. To illustrate, with GoWork’s multiple locations nationwide, your remote workforce is guaranteed access to a comfortable and well-equipped workspace. Despite your company not having a presence in every location, your employees will still be able to work with a collection of the locale’s entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees from various other companies.

Distraction-free, clean work areas

With hot-desking, employees are encouraged to carry their work with them. As such, hot desk workspaces are often free from the usual office clutters: stacks of paper, a jumble of personal belongings, or overflowing drawers and cabinets. 

Without the mess, hot desk workspaces also foster a sense of calm and comfort. Employees are more likely to feel more energized and productive, especially when combined with an abundance of natural light and greeneries in the work area.

Effective Hot Desking

Flexible hot-desking solutions available here

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, GoWork offers several types of flexible workspace solutions for teams and companies looking to adopt a hybrid workspace system, or simply providing easily accessible workspaces for their remote employees.

Our hot desk plan provides access to our coworking workspaces in 27+ locations in Jakarta, Medan, Bali, and Surabaya. With daily, weekly, and monthly plans, there is a lot of flexibility that you can afford in planning for your workspace.

For more information on our Hot Desk plan, you can visit its page here. Alternatively, you can also fill in the form below to have our team member contact you directly to talk about the perfect workspace solution for you and your team.