Your perfect coworking space destination while in Bali, Park 23
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Your perfect coworking space destination while in Bali, Park 23

by GoWork Team

Looking for a best coworking space in Bali while you enjoy the beauty of Indonesia? It’s most people’s dream to travel to Bali, but working in Bali? Now, that’s another thing. Work in Bali for foreigners has been a trend for so many years. This is also because of the reason that working and connecting has certainly become a thing in Bali.

Moreover, this is also supported by the fact that coliving in Bali has been growing in recent years. Ever wondered what it feels like to work and travel in Bali? This coworking space in Park 23 Mall is unlike any other coworking space in Bali and certainly would give you the pleasure of coworking in Bali and here are the reasons why!

Coworking Nomad

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Bali, a place known for its tourism destination. Who knew that they are also one of the pioneers of coworking in Indonesia? Due to this fact, people often look for several business opportunities in Bali. Setting up a business in Bali isn’t an easy task though. Why is this? Well, unlike Jakarta, Bali isn’t metropolitan, there are no tall buildings and those industrial feels. Jakarta has tons of entrepreneurs on the rise, but how about Bali? The huge difference is the people in Jakarta mainly focuses on business, racing to be the best of the best among other companies. Meanwhile, the people in Bali mainly focuses on building a community as their business, their culture is vastly different. Because of this reason, it is much easier to work and travel in Bali. One other reason is that there’s no real pressure to be the best among other companies, there is no real reason to live and work in Bali. This is why there are tons of coworking nomads and even freelancers in Bali, people move from place to place, travel from one place to another, what more reasons do you have to not travel in Bali? But, what if you want to feel what it’s like to live and work in Bali? Well, this next reason might intrigue you.

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Coliving in Bali

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Bali is also known as the destination full of coliving spaces, this idea is basically a place where you live with random people and get to know each other, a really fun idea isn’t it? For those of you who wish to live and work in Bali, well they are surrounded by many hostels to stay at. Most entrepreneurs in Bali prefer this option simply because it gives them a chance to connect with different people, this is all the means to either find a potential business partner or perhaps investors.

Work in Paradise

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This is Bali! It’s all about paradise here, whether you’re looking for a serviced office or a shared office, there aren’t much different here, it’s all about the networking. This is no different than this coworking space in Bali. Above, we mentioned that this coworking space is unlike any other coworking space in Bali, first of all, this coworking space is inside a mall. Inside there are private offices (serviced offices), meeting rooms, and a spacious coworking area, oh did we mention that each of the private offices has their own outdoor space? Yes, you didn’t read that one wrong, an outdoor space is all you need to fully feel what it’s like to be working in Bali. This way, you’ll be able to work in paradise.

So what do you think of this coworking space in Bali? Go experience the pleasure of working and traveling at the same time in Bali! Need to know more about this coworking space? Then check out GoWork Park 23!

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