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We believe that great things happen
when passion and purpose collide together

Our experienced team is the unseen power behind our notable growth. As a team full of passionate individuals, we foster an environment that encourages personal development, learning, and mutual respect. We stand for each other, creating a solid and thriving community, which makes working in our team incredibly rewarding.

Our Values
Change the way the world works

At GoWork, we seek to challenge the norms. We believe that growth can only be achieved by being inventive. Discover how you can help us achieve our mission--and find your Growth at GoWork.

What Gowork means to them.
Rio Wijaya

Great team, great environment, and can feel deeply "the feel of community"

My job in less than 5 words
Tulang Punggung
Gabriella Ajeng

I've been blessed to have an opportunity to join GoWork -- a company that truly values its employees as individuals. The people I work with and the company culture are amazing, we love to work hard and have fun :D It is the best job that I've ever had!

My job in less than 5 words
Customer happiness hero!
Silvana Hermawan
HR, GA, & Legal

GoWork sudah seperti rumah kedua saya! Lokasi yang banyak dan strategis sangat memudahkan saya dalam bekerja. Saya juga mendapatkan banyak sekali kesempatan untuk belajar dan berkembang di GoWork. Selain itu, semua rekan kerja disini sangat menyenangkan, dan kita bisa sangat dekat dengan para pimpinan kita karena mereka selalu mengkomunikasikan segala sesuatu dengan terbuka kepada kita semua.

My job in less than 5 words
Hiring and maintaining rock stars!
Dita Zwistria

GoWork berasa bgt kekeluargaannya, tempat paling enak untuk bekerja dan belajar karena selalu ada project yang baru-baru terus setiap saatnya. Walaupun kadang kerja deadline semua tapi team aku enak saling support. Paling penting lokasinya banyak jadi gak bosen di satu tempat.

My job in less than 5 words
Between creativity, taste, and imagination
Cynthia Wintery
Community & Partnership

I feel empowered working at GoWork. I am always trying to find the best way to make our members happy and my colleagues are always there to help. I would have never trade my experience working for GoWork for any company in the world.

My job in less than 5 words
Communicate and ensure members' happiness
Wulandary Trihardiny
IT Product

Karyawannya asik-asik banget untuk di ajak kerja bareng. Teamnya mantap! Flexible untuk kerja di lokasi GoWork terdekat dan pilihan lokasinya banyak banget. Dan yang paling oke, lokasi GoWork mudah di akses karena dekat dengan MRT dan jenis transportasi lainnya. Ambiancenya juga dapet banget, bikin kerja jadi lebih fokus!

My job in less than 5 words
App jangan sampe crash deh
Indra Kurniawan

Saya bergabung menjadi karyawan Gowork sudah 2 tahun dan saya merasa bangga dan senang karna telah menjadi bagian dari karyawan Gowork, dan teman.

My job in less than 5 words
Indra Gunawan
Real Estate

Di gowork kerja kadang seru, kadang stress, kadang happy. Gilanya pada waktu outing

My job in less than 5 words
Making your dream space happen
Awi Wijaya
IT Ops

Fun, good boss, challenging, high-level initiative, dynamic work, good work environment, lots of young people, nice culture, all team solid, more location: frequently moving, must be ready anytime anywhere anything, etc.

My job in less than 5 words
Pawang Internet / Kuncen Io
Natasha Sibarani
Sales & Business Development

Working for GoWork is a great and exciting adventure. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally. Cheers to everyone in the team and wish the best for our continued success

My job in less than 5 words
Helping Business to discover dream office
Outing Bali
Outing Yogyakarta
Buka Bersama
Video Outing Bali
How do I apply for a position at GoWork?
  • Choose the job position that matches your skills and interest in our Career page.
  • Fill in the online application form on the bottom of its page, and prepare your CV and cover letter to be uploaded.
  • After passing the candidate screening stage, you will be invited to the phone screening interview stage by GoWork’s HR Team
  • Then, you will be invited to GoWork for interviews with users and do the psychological tests & related skill tests.
  • You will then proceed with the reference checking stage and the offering stage
  • After receiving the offer, you will officially join as a GoWork employee and will get to know more about GoWork’s culture, In.V.E.N.T
  • Welcome to GoWork!
How long does it take to hear from the company after applying?

Recruiters normally receive a large number of applications, we regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited for interview and a reply may take anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 month after the interview

My online application could not be submitted properly. What should I do?

You can send your application through an e-mail to career@go-work.com. Include your full name and describe the reason you believe your application did not submit properly.

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