Solutions for high quality furniture rental services for office spaces and events.

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A well-designed office space needs the perfect kind of furniture to complement it. GoWork Office Furniture Rental provides well-designed, high quality furniture for your workspace and events. Our collection includes ergonomic chairs and tables, comfortable lounge chairs, and other, various workspace furniture that are designed to provide comfort and encourage productivity.

Beautifully-Designed Furniture
Beautifully-Designed Furniture
GoWork furniture is designed to complement any workspace theme and layout, with color palettes that pleases the eye.
Save Cost
Save Cost
Save more on your office space’s initial operational expense. Avoid furniture surplus with our flexible lease terms.
Less Downtime
Less Downtime
Eliminate business downtime from shopping and moving furniture by having them ready to be delivered on the day of contract signing.


Tell about the details of the furniture you want to rent. To give you an accurate quote.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The price listed above is the monthly rental price. Periods of rental shorter than 1 month will still be charged as the 1-month price.
  2. Delivery fees are not included in the listed price.
  3. A minimum total of 50 pieces is required for chairs, table and mobile drawer. Meanwhile for lounge chairs and event chairs, the minimum qty that required are 6 pieces and 10 pieces respectively.
  4. Renters are expected to return the furniture after the lease period in the same condition that the renter received them, fair wear and tear expected.
  5. If a furniture piece is damaged during the period of lease, the renter is expected to compensate for said damages, based on prior discussion of a fair repairment fee based on a list of expected reparation component prices.
  6. In the event that the furniture is not returned on the return date, a 5% late fee will be incurred for every day following the return date.
  7. A security deposit must be paid upon the signing of the rental agreement along with the initial payment. The security deposit will be returned after the rental period.
From comfy chairs to ergonomic tables, find office furniture for rent here. Avoid having furniture surplus and save up on starting expenses with GoWork Office Furniture Rental