GoWork Gift Card

Give special gifts for loved ones.
Easy to send, easy to redeem
Various cards design
Flexible for any transaction on GoWork App

Gift Card Recommendation

First, select a gift card design of your choice. The nominal of the gift card and the recipient's details can be changed later

How to SEND

Select Card Design

Choose the best one design, match the moment.

Personalize Your Gift Card

Specify the nominal of your gift card, recipient details, and write your message.

Checkout & Send

Confirm and complete the purchase of your gift card. Then, the GoWork Gift Card will be sent directly to the recipient via email.

How to Redeem Gift Card

Check Your Email

Check your email and see if you have received a Gift Card sent by GoWork. Click on the REDEEM button in the email or copy the gift card code and input the code on the redeem page.

Register or Login to Redeem

Register or login as GoWork member to continue the Gift Card redeem process and then click on the REDEEM NOW button.

Enjoy the Gift Card

After successfully redeeming, the Gift Card will go into 'My Voucher' list on your GoWorkApp. The Gift Card can be used for any transactions in the GoWork App.


Corporate Gift Card

The perfect choice to promote your business and give bonuses or gifts to your employees, customers, and network.

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GoWork Gift Card

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are Gift Cards?

A gift card is a product in the form of a card of a certain value issued by a brand or company that can be used as a substitute for money when making a purchase or transaction for a product or service—usually only valid for a certain period of time. As the name suggests, a gift card is meant to be given away as gifts, for use by someone else other than those purchasing the card themselves.

GoWork Gift Cards are our version of these gift cards. These cards can conveniently be used for any transactions on the GoWork App.

What are the benefits of using a GoWork Gift Card?

A GoWork Gift Card can serve as a perfect gift for anyone. Not only is it one of the easiest ways for your recipient to start enjoying GoWork’s product, but you can also customize the Gift Card according to your preferences, from its design, down to the nominal value of the gift card.

What can the GoWork Gift Card be used for?

You can redeem gift cards to turn them into GoWork vouchers of an equal value. GoWork vouchers, in turn, can be used as a method of payment for transactions made in the GoWork App; from booking coworking desks to meeting rooms, or upgrading your membership plans, you can use these vouchers to pay for practically anything in the App.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of Gift Card purchases?

GoWork Gift Card nominals range from the minimum purchase amount of IDR 100,000 to the maximum amount of IDR 5,000,000. We also offer prefixed Gift Card nominals that are matched to the price of certain GoWork products and services, so that the recipient will be able to purchase said services and products without having to pay any additional fees.

Can I order multiple Gift Cards at once?

No, you can only order one Gift Card at a time.

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