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Corporate Gift Card

The perfect choice to promote your business and give bonuses or gifts to your employees, customers, and network.

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Customize Corporate Gift Card

Personalize your GoWork Corporate Gift Card to make sure your recipients know that they are from you! Add your company logo and brand-specific designs and illustrations seamlessly, with our easy-to-customize templates.You can also add quotes and text for any occasion or messages that you want to tell your recipients. You can also have us design the gift card for you—just send us your company logo and pick a design template, and we will take care of the technicalities to make sure your GoWork Corporate Gift Card is uniquely yours.

Or, you can also design the entire card from scratch, and make your GoWork Corporate Gift Card a strong addition to your company and brand’s assets.

Use GoWork Corporate Gift Cards As

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program

Give rewards to your loyal customers

Loyalty Program
Special Gift

Foster better connections between the company and its employees or business partners.

Loyalty Program

Reward your employees' performance and accomplishments

Loyalty Program
Marketing Program

Market your business or products effectively and meaningfully

How to order
corporate Gift Cards

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Make payment according to the invoice sent to you.

Receive the Gift Card codes!

GoWork will provide you the gift card codes to be distributed.

Corporate Gift Card

Corporate Gift Card

GoWork Corporate Gift Card is here to make it easier for companies to promote their businesses and give gift to their employees or business partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a GoWork Corporate Gift Card?

A gift card is a product in the form of a card of a certain value issued by a brand or company that can be used as a substitute for money when making a purchase or transaction for a product or service—usually only valid for a certain period of time. As the name suggests, a gift card is meant to be given away as gifts, for use by someone else other than those purchasing the card themselves.

GoWork Corporate Gift Cards are our version of these gift cards. These cards can conveniently be used for any transactions on the GoWork App. It is the perfect choice to promote your business and give bonuses or gifts to your employees, customers, and network. Before purchasing GoWork Corporate Gift Cards, make sure you prepare your business’ NPWP.

How can I order a GoWork Corporate Giftcard?

You can order GoWork Gift Cards by filling out the inquiry form listed on this page. Our team will contact you shortly after we receive your request.

How can I pay for the GoWork Corporate Gift Card?

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer after receiving an invoice from us.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of Corporate Gift Card purchases?

GoWork Corporate Gift Card nominals range from the minimum purchase amount of IDR 100,000 to the maximum amount of IDR 5,000,000 per gift card. We also offer prefixed Gift Card nominals that are matched to the price of certain GoWork products and services, so that the recipient will be able to purchase said services and products without having to pay any additional fees.

What is the minimum quantity of Gift Cards that can be purchased?

There is no minimum quantity for purchasing Corporate Gift Cards.

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