Looking to Rent an Office Space? We Got You Covered!
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Looking to Rent an Office Space? We Got You Covered!

by GoWork Team

Ever wondered where to rent an office space? It’s quite a tedious job actually. How is it tedious? Well, it’s time-consuming, stressful, and simply bothersome to do. Let’s make it easier for you! Here in this blog, there are several office spaces for rent around that we think might suit you if you’re looking for one!

Chubb Square

Office Space for Rent

If you’re one of those people in Jakarta that is looking for an office space for rent in a centralized location like Sudirman Street or around Grand Indonesia, then GoWork Chubb Square might suit you. But, what’s so special about having to rent an office space for rent around that place? Isn’t it fully jammed? Well, there are actually many reasons why you should consider this place to have your office. First of all, if you are simply looking to rent a temporary office space, this is close to basically anywhere. It’s called centralized location for a reason you know? So what does this have to do with having an office? Well, imagine this, you have a meeting somewhere around Central Jakarta, and you have nowhere else to go. Well, the only thing you could do is wait, right? To go to a coffee shop would cost you so much time and money, one coffee would cost you around IDR 40,000 – 70,000 right? And if you’re looking to rent another coworking space, most of them could charge you by the hour. Who would even bother to rent office space by the hour? It’s too bothersome, right? Well, here in GoWork Chubb Square, you would only be charged for a day and use it for the whole day, much cheaper than renting by the hour.

Pondok Indah Office Tower

Shared Office Space

Okay, we get it, Central Jakarta is just too crowded, how about if you’re looking for office space in a more southern part of Jakarta? Well, this is where GoWork Pondok Indah comes in. Located exactly at Pondok Indah Office Tower next to Pondok Indah Mall gives you a really dynamic place to work, how dynamic? First of all, Pondok Indah is a never-ending place filled with busy people. And, Pondok Indah’s traffic is far from harsh compared to the traffic in Thamrin area. But, other than the traffic, why should you choose Pondok Indah? Well, there are a couple of reasons actually. First, it’s literally next to Pondok Indah Mall, this gives you convenient access to find something to eat. Do you need to go out of your office building and walk at the pavements to go there? Definitely no! What makes this place special is the office tower is connected via a tunnel that leads directly to the mall, so you wouldn’t need to get all sweaty to go find something to eat.

Park 23 Mall

Office Space for Lease

I know what you’re thinking, never heard of that place in Jakarta right? Well simply put, the place is in Bali. This is GoWork’s very first location outside Jakarta, if you’re just that tired of working or having an office space in Jakarta, why not Bali? First of all, Bali has numerous coworking spaces that provide you with the convenience of working in the shared office space (A.K.A. coworking space). Bali is all about connecting with people, and working in a shared office space gives you that benefit, connection. You rarely find that commercial property for rent in Bali cause it is not an industrialist as Jakarta. Bali is all about community. But what differentiates our coworking space in Bali than the rest of them? First of all, GoWork Park 23 is currently the largest coworking space in Bali that provides you with both private office and shared office space for rent. Second, GoWork is probably one of only a few coworking spaces that are located inside a mall. This means convenient access for food, shopping, and leisure.

But hey, what if you’re looking for other places to rent an office space? Well, simply find our Office Spaces for Rent to check out all other locations in Indonesia!