Coworking Space in Sudirman
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Coworking Space in Sudirman

by GoWork Team

Looking for a coworking space in Sudirman? Do you know finding an office space in Jakarta is never an easy job, especially in a centralized location like Sudirman? In recent years, the number of startups in Jakarta has rapidly increased, due to this increase in numbers, more and more people continuously look for an office for rent in Jakarta. Moreover, most entrepreneurs have realized that having their own private office isn’t a necessity anymore, they have started to open up to the possibilities of working in a shared office in Jakarta. Gladly, there are tons of coworking space in Jakarta. How about a coworking space in a centralized location like Sudirman? Well, this is our review of a coworking space in Sudirman.

Dynamic Location

coworking space in sudirman

There are tons of malls in Jakarta, especially in South and Central Jakarta. This coworking space is situated inside fX Mall, GoWork fX provides the tenants with an abundance of restaurants to choose from with a price that guarantees the condition of your wallet. Feel like eating Chinese food? Well, there is Ta-Wan Restaurant, and if you feel like eating Indonesian food, there is the infamous Sate Khas Senayan.

Due to its centralized location, it has become convenient to access all your favorite place. Ranging from the iconic GBK, Plaza Senayan, and the hip Senopati-Gunawarman-W. Monginsidi triangle, this coworking space has become a favorable option to work as it is easy to go anywhere you want. Did we mention that there is Celebrity Fitness for those of you who want to keep your body in good shape?

Work, Play, Rest, Repeat!

coworking space senayan

Above all facilities provided by this coworking space in Central Jakarta, the most highlighted part of GoWork fX are actually the relaxing and spacious lounge area, this is where you could actually relax while taking a sip of coffee provided by Djournal Coffee. Not only coworking nomads, but even freelancers all around Jakarta tend to seek a place where they could relax in the midst of work. Gratefully, this coworking space provides you with a couple of nap nooks to chill out and take a nap when you feel like you’re too burdened with your work.

Each of the themes provided by this coworking space in Jakarta is different for each location. Now, for this location, the theme is sports. Too lazy to go out to the gym? Well, this coworking space provides you with a punching bag, a trampoline, and even a dart located in the lounge area. This is the place where you can work, play, and rest at the same time, convenient isn’t it?

Spacious Event Space, Cozy Meeting Rooms, Privately Private Office

Being the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is bound to have many events happening, specifical events regarding businesses. This coworking space in Central Jakarta is known to have hosted several startup events in Jakarta. Are you looking for a place to host an event in the capital of Indonesia, this is the place for you! Why? Well, for a start, this coworking space provides you with a spacious event space that could hold up to 100 people. Second, there are numerous coworking spaces in Jakarta that provides event spaces without even paying attention to the detail since they only pay attention to the number of their spaces. Well, this coworking space isn’t like that at all, the colorful ambiance mixed with the spacious event space truly show this coworking space’s quality.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a meeting room in Jakarta, this coworking space also provides you with the coziest of all meeting rooms you can find. Previously said, this coworking space’s theme is sports. Each of the meeting rooms in this place has their own name based on the sports. This proves that you don’t need to be too formal to have a meeting with your client.

What if you want some privacy? What if working in a coworking area inside a mall is too noisy for you? Simple, all you need to have is your own private office inside this mall in Jakarta. Looking for a small office for rent in Jakarta? This coworking space got you covered there!

What do you think of our review about this coworking space in Sudirman? Did we miss anything? Let us know by reviewing us here! Perhaps you are looking for other coworking spaces provided by GoWork?