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Coworking Space in Thamrin

by GoWork Team

Central Jakarta has always been known to be the home where several companies gather, specifically finding a coworking space in Thamrin. Due to the increasing number of startup companies in Jakarta, it is very wearying to even find a small office for rent in Jakarta. Nevertheless, there is a good news in this, the coworking growth also increases in number on the same line with the number of increasing companies. What does this mean? Well, more companies mean more coworking spaces.

However, finding these coworking spaces are often difficult due to the number of demands for working spaces in Jakarta, especially in a Centralized location like Sudirman and Thamrin. No worries, we figured that we’d make a quick review of the biggest coworking space in Thamrin, enjoy!

Centralized Location

Coworking Space in Thamrin

GoWork Chubb Square is the biggest coworking space in the Thamrin area. This coworking space is located on the 8th and 9th floor of Chubb Square, exactly in the same complex as UOB Plaza in Jakarta and Indosurya Plaza. Everyone wants their office to be located in Central Jakarta because you practically could go anywhere you want from there. Looking for a private office in Jakarta? This coworking space in Thamrin provides tons of them!

Moreover, their location is indeed very strategic due to the easy access, you could both take the train which drops you off at BNI City Station (Stasiun Sudirman Baru) and Sudirman Station, or you can take the TransJakarta and stop exactly in front of the UOB Plaza building, easy right? Other options are online transport services like GO-JEK, Grab, or perhaps a regular bus is available. Who doesn’t love easy access right?

They Provide You with Everything

Meeting Room Thamrin

You literally could find almost about anything in this coworking space, if you ever need a meeting room in Jakarta, they provide you nothing but the coziest meeting rooms you could find. You wouldn’t need to go to a café to book a meeting room in Jakarta, this coworking space already provides you with numerous meeting rooms.

Other than meeting rooms, there are several other facilities that this coworking space provides, you would get, such as high-speed internet, business class printers, 24/7 access, Skype rooms, and even a spacious lounge area, you won’t even need to go to book a meeting room in a hotel to meet your client. Talking about lounge area, this is the place where you could actually chill, who knows you might even find one of the venture capitals in Jakarta to pitch your startup idea.

A Yawn is a Silent Scream for Coffee

Coworking Space Sudirman

Do you know that according to some research, a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away? Feeling bad mood because you’re having a bad day? Perhaps, you are sleepy in the office? Drinking a coffee could really help that. Good news for you, this coworking space has provided you with a coffee bar by none other than Woodpecker Coffee, who serve you with freshly brewed coffee every day. You won’t need to go looking for those coffee shops all over Jakarta anymore.

All You Need is Love… And Food

Coworking Space Central Jakarta

Located in central Jakarta right beside Grand Indonesia and UOB Plaza Building means nothing but one thing, you get access to all your favorite restaurants and clothing store in Jakarta. Let’s say you suddenly crave for a German restaurant in Jakarta, no worries, you could go to Paulaner Brauhaus in Grand Indonesia.

If you’re too lazy to walk to Grand Indonesia, you could go downstairs to find several foods varying from low to high price. Finding a food to eat at lunchtime in this place is not hard at all. Plus, there is 2 convenience store for those of you who can’t stop chewing.

Networking Events All Around

Event Space Thamrin

Located in the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is bound to have lots of events to support the growth of startups and any other companies, these events would help entrepreneurs grow as a company by providing numerous people to network with. Why is networking important? Well, believe it or not, there are numerous cases where you might even find your potential business partners or maybe clients.

This coworking space has 2 event spaces, one on each level, the event space on the 8th floor could hold up to 100 people. If you’re looking for a spacious event space in Jakarta, this is the place.

So that is our review, wondering of finding other coworking spaces in Jakarta? What do you think of our review? If you’ve been here, tell us what you feel and write a review of this coworking space here!