Millennium Centennial

Millennium Centennial Center, 38th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25, Jakarta Selatan 12920

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GoWork MCC (Millennium Centennial Tower) is not only going to be our newest, but also the largest of all of our existing coworking spaces. Located in Sudirman, we’re placing yet another one of our spaces inside one of the newest Grade A office buildings in Central Jakarta, and we’ve specifically curated it to suit all of your modern professional needs. GoWork provides entrepreneurs, independent professionals, SMEs and multinational corporations flexible workspaces that offer convenience, world-class facilities, and style without breaking the bank.

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Relaxing Lounge Areas

Our common rooms are built with our community in mind, delivering a more relaxed space to work and socialize, or just chill out.

High Speed Internet

We know that internet connectivity is the heart and soul of any business – which is why we provide all our members with fast, reliable internet.

Phone Booth

Our dedicated phone booths are built to be private – so you can talk about your business without interruption.

Conference Room

Our state-of-the art conference rooms allow you to conduct meetings with team members or simple huddle to brainstorm fresh ideas.


Every floor has its own dedicated printer for any paper-based document needs that you may have.

Onsite Staff

Our team is here for you every weekday of the week, and will be available for your most pressing questions, or even just to put a smile on your face while you work.

Cleaning Service

We also provide services to keep our spaces clean, so you can comfortably focus on what you love.

Event Spaces

For professional or casual events, just ask our friendly staff to book any one of our multi-purpose events spaces that can be specially catered to suit your needs.

GoWork Millennium Centennial

Millennium Centennial Center, 38th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25, Jakarta Selatan 12920

Opening Hours

9 AM - 6 PM| Monday - Friday

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As GoWork’s largest coworking space, Millennium Centennial is also located in the heart of downtown Jakarta. If you’re worried about the traffic (as most of us do), you’ll appreciate the overall easy access via the TransJakarta bus or train (given the closest stop is merely steps away at Sudirman Station). With this convenient location, you’ll be able to arrange meetings anywhere and anytime with your valued clients and partners. For the dreamer who seeks structure, the creative who needs tools, and the influencer who wants a working space in Jakarta, welcome to your new communal workspace. Come join our coworking movement today!