Coworking Spaces in Indonesia | Here are Our Recommendations
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Coworking Spaces in Indonesia | Here are Our Recommendations

by GoWork Team

How many coworking spaces are there in Indonesia? If you think you can only find coworking spaces in Jakarta and Bali, you might be really wrong. The thing is Jakarta and Bali aren’t the only place where a startup is really famous with. Cities like Tangerang and even Surabaya are actually full of people looking to grow their startups, check out these coworking spaces in Indonesia that are worth to take a look!

Coworking Spaces in Jakarta

If you’re looking for coworking spaces in Jakarta, we could give you a bunch list of them because there are plenty of them. The basic reason for all of this is simply because Jakarta is the central business city in Indonesia, it is dominant and filled with dozens of startups. People simply can’t work with people all the time, they have to make their own business to survive the harsh life in Jakarta. Back to the topic, there are plenty of coworking spaces in Jakarta, but we will only list a couple of which we think might be the most suitable place to work and have your own office.

Coworking Space in South Jakarta

Coworking Space South Jakarta

The first one is a coworking space in the downtown area of Jakarta, a place filled with tall buildings and businesses, a place infamous with its traffic, Sudirman Street. If you’re one of those people looking for a centralized location to work as it is close to basically anywhere, then South Jakarta is the obvious choice. One of the coworking space provided by GoWork is Millennium Centennial Center, located on the 38th – 40th floor of the new Millennium Centennial Center building. This is currently GoWork’s largest location in terms of space and area. It’s so close to TransJakarta, the train station, and even the MRT station. This makes it so much easier to go to the office, afraid of the heavy traffic to get to this place? Well, no worries, just park in any MRT station that’s far from Sudirman Street and take the MRT to MCC (Millennium Centennial Center). This way, you’ll spend much less time on the road, plus it will spare your mental health due to the traffic.

Coworking Space in Central Jakarta

Coworking Space Jakarta

Okay, what if you don’t want to park your bike or car in another MRT station and looking for a coworking space in a place that isn’t too crowded? Well, this coworking space in Central Jakarta could be the other choice for you. But, before we start, did you know that the whole Senayan Area is actually Central Jakarta and not South Jakarta whereas the Sudirman Street is partially both Central and South Jakarta? Surprisingly a lot of people mistaken Senayan to be located in South Jakarta, well it is actually Central Jakarta. Why is this convenient? Well, Senayan area isn’t bound by the rules of the odd/even license plate restriction, much easier to get there. Moreover, this coworking space is located on the 10th and 15th floor of Panin Tower Senayan City, which is basically merged with Senayan City Mall, no worries to find something to eat anymore. What is the plus side of working or having an office here? Well, Senayan’s traffic is not bad at all, it’s not as harsh as Sudirman Street, and this makes it much more convenient for you if you own a personal vehicle. The coworking space itself gives you a homey feeling with a nice view of the Senayan Area. If you’re looking for a shared office in Jakarta that isn’t located in an office building, this is definitely the place.

How About a Coworking Space in Bali?

Coworking Space Bali

Bali has always been known as a place to connect with a bunch of new people, some people said that the origin of coworking in Indonesia started with Bali. Well, this is still debatable, but what we do know is coworking in Bali is really fruitful, what do we mean by fruitful? People in Bali tend to be more easygoing when it gets to meet new people, they are just that friendly, and you simply can’t deny that fact. When can you enjoy working and going to the beach or day clubs after working hours? You couldn’t find that in Jakarta? Yes, Bali is crowded but in a good way. Bear with us for a sec, it is much enjoyable to be stuck in traffic in Bali by the beachside rather than Jakarta due to the vibrant views in Bali, how about Jakarta? Well, there’s a car, buildings, bigger cars, taller buildings, oh and by the time you know it, you’ve been driving for 2 hours. As worse as it gets, you just couldn’t be stuck in traffic for that long in Bali (except for vacation). This coworking space in Bali has located inside Park 23 Mall, and each of the private offices has its own balcony, so you would get that Bali breeze and vibes just by working here.

A Coworking Space in Tangerang? Possible!

Coworking Space Tangerang

What if you’re looking for a place that is not too chilled like Bali, but still busy as Jakarta? Well, let’s all remember that Tangerang is currently growing really fast, some people said that the BSD and Alam Sutra area will probably be better than the whole Jakarta. There’s just something about Tangerang that is just different from Jakarta, there’s not so much room for Jakarta to grow anymore, not enough space, too many buildings, too jammed, and it is just too packed already, Tangerang isn’t. This coworking space in BSD is located at the Green Office Park, BSD right in front of The Breeze BSD City, this means you won’t need to worry about finding something to eat anymore as there are literally dozens of restaurants and things to do there. So whenever you’re bored in the office, just across the street to find some entertainments. Did we tell you that it is very near to AEON mall and other places in Serpong, Alam Sutra, and BSD City? Well, one thing that this place has to offer is that there is not much traffic. Come to think of it, we don’t think that there is any traffic jam there, if there are, it rarely happens.

A Coworking Space in Surabaya Isn’t a Bad Idea

Coworking Space Surabaya

Well, why isn’t it a bad idea? Well, this coworking space in BEI Surabaya is located inside the BEI building. The area is located in one of Bandung’s primary downtown, and near to many bus stations, easier and more convenient for you to go there, especially if you’re not locally from Surabaya. Moreover, if you’re not from Surabaya, there are a lot of hotels surrounding the place, and restaurants, no need to worry if you’re a first-timer there. But, if you’re locally from Surabaya, you’d probably love this place as it is one of the most dynamic places in Surabaya. If you still don’t know the place, it is located near the “Bambu Running” Monument. There are actually a lot of coworking spaces in Surabaya, simply because many people think that after Jakarta, the heart of the business district is in Surabaya, if you’re looking to make a name for your own startup but Jakarta is already too crowded, well Surabaya could be a start for your company.

Well, what do you think of those coworking spaces all over Indonesia? GoWork provides more coworking spaces you can find Other Coworking Spaces by GoWork!