Which One to Choose? Coworking Space or Private Office?
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Which One to Choose? Coworking Space or Private Office?

by GoWork Team

Finding office space for rent in the big city of Jakarta is already a hard thing to do. To make things worse, you only have two choices, either you have your own private office or you could work in a coworking space to meet new people to connect with. No matter the case, it’s still a difficult choice on what to choose between those two. Well, in this article, we would help you ease that pressure. So what do a shared office space and private office provide for you?

Work Friendly Environment

If you’re truly looking for a work-friendly environment, it all goes back to the taste, if you’re looking for privacy, then renting a private office space is the way to go, however, that doesn’t mean working in a coworking area is bad. Yes, it’s true that working in a coworking area could be noisy and crowded sometimes, but set aside all that, it actually serves as a place to get connected with tons of different people from different backgrounds. This is why it’s still a work friendly environment, no matter how big the crowd or noise level could be, you’d still be fine working in a coworking area, why?

Pleasing to the Eye Design

Why would it still be suitable to work in a coworking area despite all of that? Well, if you work in a coworking area, you’d get to feel the ambiance of what it truly feels like to be working in a place with an aesthetic or pleasing to the eye design, GoWork coworking space really pay attention to the slightest detail of its coworking area. It’s true that renting a private office would get you the benefit of not only your own private office space, but you’d also get a shared office space, but most of the time, you’d just be sitting inside your office. Round 2 goes to coworking space.

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 An “All You Need” Office

Name anything you want that could help out your business, both coworking space and a private office has the same number of amenities. These amenities offer you to freely use the lounge areas, phone booth, conference room, Skype room, artisanal coffee, fruit water, printing service, cleaning service, and even onsite staffs that are ready to help you with almost about anything. Basically, they’ve got you covered. Where would you get these? Well, both the coworking area and private office provide all these given amenities. Of course, what makes it more special, if you find a building for rent to create your own office, which would be highly expensive, why? Well, to start it off, all those amenities mentioned above are not ready yet, you’ll have to spend more money for all of those. However, if you rent either a private office or a coworking area in this coworking space, all of those are free to use. For this round, both the coworking area and private office actually wins this round as they both have those amenities.

Alas, it all goes back to you, where do you prefer to work? Coworking area or private office? Both of them has its own unique feels. But, if you’re feeling a little indecisive on what to choose and wanted to take a closer look, you could actually book a tour right down below.

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