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Office Space for Rent | GoWork Plaza Indonesia

by GoWork Team

Looking for an office space for rent in the big city of Jakarta? Finding an office space for lease could be both difficult and pricey at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a shared office space or a private office for rent, this coworking space in Central Jakarta got you covered. The interesting thing about this serviced office space is that it’s not inside a normal office building you see every day, it’s actually inside a mall, one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta to be precise. So what does this coworking space offer?

Modern and Cheap Office Space for Rent

office space for rent

If you think having an office in Plaza Indonesia would be expensive, you’d be very wrong. If you’re just looking to rent an office for a day, this coworking space offers you a daily coworking space membership with all its facilities. However, if you’re looking for a modern office space, this is also possible as there are more than 40 private offices available in this coworking space. Just because it’s located in a prestigious mall doesn’t mean the price has to be prestigious too. What makes an office space expensive isn’t the office space itself, but the small things such as wifi, coffee machine, and other maintenance. But, if you rent an office space here, you would surely get all of that for a much cheaper price, but not a cheaper service.

Class A Office Space

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Having an office in Plaza Indonesia means nothing but one thing, you’d have a class A office space. Surely you don’t think this coworking space would give you a boring and regular “all white” office space, do you? Both shared office space and furnished office have a pleasing to the eye design to keep a nice mood while you’re working, this includes the design of the meeting rooms provided. Of course, class A means you would get all the amenities provided, this is none other than relaxing lounge areas, high-speed internet, phone booth, conference room, artisanal coffee, printing service, cleaning service, onsite staffs, and many more.

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 Flexible Office

shared office space

Who likes to work in the office from 9 to 5? We’re very sure nobody likes that, but what happens if it’s inside a mall? Locking someone to work in the office for 8 hours is probably a crime, especially since it’s inside a mall. What makes working inside a regular office building a struggle is the fact that you have to go down the elevator just to find a coffee shop or somewhere to eat. However, this coworking space is surrounded by places to eat and drink, such as Bakmi GO just beside GoWork Coworking Space, Starbucks Coffee is basically downstairs if you want to get caffeinated. But no worries, this coworking space is literally just beside the escalator, this means you’d get an all-around easy access to all your favorite restaurants and hangout places in Plaza Indonesia.

So, there you have it, you could try to find buildings for rent all over Jakarta, but finding a cheap commercial building for rent with all those amenities provided is an impossible thing to do. Did we mention that the private offices here vary from 2 to more than 10 people? What does this mean? Basically, whether you’re looking for a small office space for rent or an executive office that could fit your whole team, they all are provided in this coworking space. What happens if you want to look for a place that is not as crowded as Plaza Indonesia? Well, GoWork provides you with several other coworking spaces scattered throughout the big city of Jakarta each with their own personality. Curious to find out where are all of those locations? Here are Other Coworking Spaces Locations that you can check!