Best Place to Work | Coffee Shops or Coworking Spaces
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Best Place to Work | Coffee Shops or Coworking Spaces

by GoWork Team

Who doesn’t love to be in the most admired companies to work for? Companies with big names and high standards are always the “go to” goals when finding a company to work for. But usually, these companies are already fully established in terms of structure and rules. This makes it hard for people who don’t quite enjoy the corporate life. This is where these people begin their own business or startups, or even work as a freelancer, this is where they need a coworking space or a coffee shop.

Corporate offices never quite really work for people who need a dynamic environment to work creatively. These people would prefer to work in an environment where everything is not so contained. Most corporate offices tend to put boundaries between coworkers hoping that their workers would be more focused on their own work. Basically, more privacy = more efficiency. Some people who couldn’t stand being alone would even go find several coffee shops in hoping to find the best coffee in town. These people believe that working in an environment filled with “Instagrammable” vibes would generate more focus. However, are these really dominant factors in getting the results every company needs to have to be successful?

Fun Places to Work

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There is an old saying that says happy workers are busy workers. Research has even shown that the happier the employee, the more productive they will be. Now how do you gain this happiness? It’s quite simple actually, simply put games around your offices or if you’re lucky enough, several coffee shops have provided a board game whenever you’re bored, just for the sake of keeping you entertained. If you feel like your work could be more productive in a fun place, then we would definitely recommend you to go to those aesthetic coffee shops or probably a board game café if you don’t feel like being too serious at work. However, these games would actually bring one problem to your work ethics.

Distractions Everywhere

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Yes, this is a major problem which can really damage your progress at work. Believe it or not, even the most focused people in life surely could be distracted at times. This is where corporate offices might actually have the upper edge than coffee shops. Coffee shops are known to have so much distraction, so many temptations. Once you get hungry, you would definitely buy those crunchy cakes served with a hot coffee, although they do serve great food and coffee. You wouldn’t find that in a regular office, you would only find that in a coworking space or a coffee shop. But again, the level of distraction in a coffee shop is considerably high if you couldn’t resist the temptation to eat.

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“Instagrammable” Much?

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Nowadays, a pleasing to the eye design of a place could be called “Instagrammable”, most people would love to go to this places as it has a certain ambiance to it. Moreover, several types of research have shown that the more relaxing the environment is, the more productive a workers could really work. Regular offices would only have a cubical, which doesn’t necessarily help you feel comfortable unless you’re the type of people who prefer to work alone undisturbed.

Connections, Connections Everywhere

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The more reason why people don’t often choose to work or have an office in a corporate building is that of the connections. What would you get in a normal office building? You’d probably see the same old coworkers you see every day, wouldn’t you? But what happens if you go to a coffee shop or coworking space? Well, you’d get to see different connections every day. But people go to coffee shops mostly because they simply want to enjoy a sip of fresh coffee. What does this mean? People would definitely pick coffee over connections.

So now for the questions, we’ve been waiting for, which one should you choose? Coworking space, regular offices, or coffee shops? Well, you would get more privacy in a corporate office, though you would get a much more “Instagrammable” place to work with lots of ambiance in a coffee shop, and let’s not forget about the great coffee they provide, but they don’t offer connections, moreover if you’re looking for a potential business partner or investor. So, where could you find these coworking spaces? Check it out here!