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How to Handle Bad Mood in the Office

by GoWork Team

Bad mood in the office, who doesn’t hate them? Imagine waking up in a bad mood, or perhaps spilling your coffee at work, depression at work, or perhaps your annoying boss who keeps nagging at you? Would that ruin your whole day working in the office? Well, why not try to get rid of those foul mood? Well, check out these medications for those bad moods!

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Bad Mood Coffee

Having a grumpy mood in the morning? That wouldn’t be too much of a problem would it, why? Well, here comes the scientific language. Coffee has been known to stimulate your brain production or so-called neurotransmitter, dopamine. Now, this dopamine produces a euphoria and pleasant feelings which enhances your pleasure. Moreover, it enhances your motivation, desire, motor controls, and emotion in a “more positive” mood. Now, for the easy answer. Simply said, coffee makes you happy.

Talk it out and Sort it out

Coworking Space Network

Stress is such a common condition these days, whether it is work related, home related, family related, friend related, and so on. Now, one thing about stress is, you are not the only one, tons of people out there are having that same issue. So what can you do about it? Honestly, just share your problems with someone else, why someone else?

Usually, when you are having a depression or stress, you would automatically have a bad mindset in almost everything that you do, keeping this mindset tend to lose your focus, thus making you create a rash decision. Besides, talking about your problems can actually release those confined feelings and even find a solution (not rash) to your problem. Plus, who knows you could get new friends or bond with your coworkers.

Good Food Good Mood

Good Food Good Mood

Lucky for you guys, everyone needs to eat, and who could resist the smell of chocolate? Oh, but why chocolate? Fun fact! Chocolate is not just a sweet and addicting treat but it also contains serotonin, which contains an antidepressant that can elevate your mood, and it also increases the production of endorphins that could create a content feeling. Besides, no harm in chocolate right? It lowers your risk for heart disease, it’s healthy, and it improves your mood. This could really ease you when you are having constant mood swings.

Walk, Just Keep Walking

Surprisingly, walking not only burns your calories, but it also burns your bad moods. Feeling like you are not really having a productive day at work? Do you often feel like you just want to go out and take a walk? Well, apparently according to some research, taking a walk is the equivalent of taking an antidepressant. How does this work? Well, walking or exercising increases your blood flow to the brain, thus assembling your brain to be more sharp and keen. This wouldn’t be a problem if your office is located near a park or a mall.

Walking Improves Mood

Now here comes the problem, what happens when your office is located in one of the most secluded business districts where you can’t even take a walk, or perhaps your office doesn’t provide good food or a coffee machine? Or maybe worse, what happens when you are already bored talking to the same old co-worker you talk to every day (let’s call him Bob)? Bob here listens to your stories every day, Bob talks to you every day, you both know each other’s lives, but what if you are bored? Perhaps meeting other people is the key. If this is the case, the problem isn’t with your mood or depression at work, but perhaps the office. What if we told you there are offices that provide good coffee, good food, good location and let’s not forget… numerous other Bobs.

Maybe your office provides good coffee, but would it be more trusted when the coffee is made by Djournal & Woodpecker Coffee? They provide good food too. Perhaps your location is already good, but what if your office is literally inside a mall? You can find easy access to foods, drinks, and if you’re having a bad mood at work, you could simply take a walk somewhere in the mall. Oh yeah, Bob! We forgot about him again, one to meet other versions of Bob? Well, what if you have an office where there are lots and lots of Bob you could network with? So you won’t be seeing the same Bob every day. If that’s the case, then you need a new office!