Virtual Office in Jakarta
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Virtual Office in Jakarta

by GoWork Team

Ever felt like you wanted to find an office space in Jakarta without permanently staying there? Then this is probably the time where you need a virtual office in Jakarta. What is a virtual office and how does it differentiate with a serviced office?

Simply put, a virtual office space as it is called is literally a virtual office. You rent an office, not physically, but only for serving your office’s administration stuff, whereas if you rent a serviced office in Jakarta, you would get the whole physical office where you can actually work there. Just consider it as a place where you can get your legal address, not renting the office to work. What are the benefits of a virtual office? Well, for a start, it would be good if you’re in need of permits and legal address for your company. Now, for the question you’ve been asking for, where to find these virtual offices in Jakarta?

Numerous Prestigious Locations

Virtual Office Jakarta

GoWork Coworking Space provides numerous locations that could help you with all your business administration as well as helping you get a prestigious address for your company. For example, GoWork Pacific Place is one of the coworking space that provides you with a business address inside one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta, looking to impress your clients or business partners? Well, having a virtual office address in the prestigious SCBD area might win their heart.

Looking for a business address in the busy area of Mega Kuningan? Well, this coworking space provides you with a virtual office in Menara Rajawali that could help you have a serious business address for you to leverage your company’s professional image.

Perhaps, you are trying to find a virtual office in a proper office building in Jakarta, then GoWork Chubb Square is obviously your definite choice, located in the Thamrin Nine Complex, this virtual office in Central Jakarta provides you with a centralized location for your business address.

virtual office south jakarta

If the virtual office spaces you’re looking for is too centralized and too general due to it being located in the most common office areas and surrounded by many tall buildings around it, you could actually have a virtual office in South Jakarta, specifically in the Setiabudi complex, this would give you an edgy yet growing image to be seen by your business partners or clients. Why? Well, it is because it is located in the dynamic area of Kuningan where everywhere you go, you would find some busy individuals gather around.

What do you think of those virtual offices in Jakarta? Still looking for an office space for rent in Jakarta? Why not have your own virtual office address? Okay, how about if you want a physical private office in Jakarta or a meeting room to meet your clients? Well, why not check out other locations provided by this coworking space in JakartaFind a Virtual Office in Jakarta for your team at GoWork!