Wild Digital: Smart City Report: Coworking Spaces
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Wild Digital: Smart City Report: Coworking Spaces

by GoWork Team

In building the perfect smart city, one has to take into consideration the many aspects of lives of its inhabitants. Included in those aspects is their workspace.

Workspaces of the modern employees have seen many changes in the last decade. The trend quickly shifts from cubicles to open offices, from open offices to shared offices, and now, we’ve arrived in the era where the trend surrounding workspaces is saturated with virtual elements and high-functioning networking opportunities.

Our CEO and co-founder, Vanessa Hendriadi, spoke at Wild Digital 2018’s Smart City Panel about how GoWork as a coworking space is embracing this shift towards a more mobile, fast-paced, and connected workspaces in a smart city.

“A coworking space touches all the aspects of a smart city,” she begins. “The coworking space is the intersection between people, economy, mobility, living, environment, and the governments themselves.”

Where Finances Are Concerned

The Coworking space removes the overhead costs, which limited the financial capabilities of low to medium range companies. It helps them put more capital towards their innovations, helping them focus on what’s important.

Mobility is just as important as the finances. Members of GoWork can work from anywhere, and still be connected. We have made sure that our hubs are located in high traffic places and within walking distance towards both dense economic areas and retail areas, so members can start and end their days in one place.



Connectivity and Compatibility

Coworking space connects people and institutions many would consider improbable just a decade ago. A coworking space lets established corporates connect with entrepreneurs, and even learn from the more dynamic start-up industry. It acts as a landing pad for companies which seeks to be connected to the ever-expanding ecosystem of modern economy in Indonesia.

Finally, we have also made sure to curate our environment to match the needs of our members. We understand that today, the workforce craves a vibrant and invigorating work environment which helps them be inspired and create. We integrated technology into our design, combining hardware and software, so that people enjoy being at work and doing work.


Future-Proofing Your Workspace

While it is true that smart cities are still on its way, but we have prepared to welcome the future. We made sure that the design decisions we made along the way are future-proof. We believe that the coworking space is going to become the future’s main workspace hub.

Or, at least, we are going to prove to the world that it is so, and we are more than happy to have you along for the ride.

If you are ready to future-proof your workspace, check out all of the locations we currently have in offer for you, all ready for you to move into.