Recommended Coworking Space in South Jakarta
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Recommended Coworking Space in South Jakarta

by GoWork Team

Working in the capital of Indonesia is often stressful for a lot of people as you need a lot of patience with the traffic, the hecticness in the office, and even the feeling of being caged in your office space. Well, coworking space is obviously the best solution in this case. Due to the growth of coworking spread all over Indonesia, there are tons of coworking spaces, even in South Jakarta alone. Here are several recommended coworking spaces in South Jakarta.

GoWork Pacific Place

Coworking Space SCBD

The working space provided by GoWork is located on the 2nd floor in one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta. This coworking space in SCBD provides you with an eye-catching coworking area filled with several shared office desks, cozy meeting rooms, private offices, and even a state of the art event space. Of course, all of those are reinforced with both high-quality facilities and high-speed internet (honestly, it’s really fast).

This coworking space is very suitable for you who couldn’t stay in the office for a long time. Why? Simply because it is located inside a mall, you would have easy access to all your favorite restaurants, cafes, and shops. This all means that you can work, live, and play in the same building, what more could you want right? GoWork is known to be the first coworking space that opens in a mall, the first one was located at FX Sudirman. This coworking space really pays attention to the slightest detail in creating their coworking space, thus creating a cozy environment to work. Whether you are looking for a small office for rent in Jakarta or simply a coworking area to work, you would surely love to work in this place.

GoWork Setiabudi

Coworking Space Kuningan

GoWork Setiabudi is located on the ground floor of Setiabudi 2 Building. This coworking space has hosted several events from several communities in Jakarta. This really cozy workspace has an artsy and colorful coworking area, thus creating such a nice place to work which is pleasing to the eye.

Speaking of pleasing, have we mentioned that the facilities here are more pleasing than any other coworking spaces? Let us go to the general kinds of stuff first, obviously, every coworking space has fast internet, business address, mail handling services, meeting rooms, skype rooms and free flow coffee, right? What if we told you that this coworking space has lockers, courier, and surprisingly a shower? Yes, a shower, you didn’t read that one wrong, by becoming an exclusive member to this coworking space, you could get access to the shower room. Are you those kinds of people who have to take a shower in a hurry early in the morning because you’re late to the office? Well, that’s no problem here, just take a shower in the office!

Other than that, the coworking spaces provided by GoWork is really flexible. Why is it flexible? First of all, it is located in a really strategic location, second, there is an App made by the coworking space itself which enables you to book a workspace and meeting room in any of GoWork’s spaces. That is a real benefit, don’t you think?