Mana x GoWork – Learn How to Advertise with Facebook (26 August 2017)

26 August 2017
What it is?
Businesses have reached more and more new channels every year, and Facebook is one of the hottest paid advertising available on the internet today. With over one 88 million Facebook subscriber in Indonesia (by Jun 2016), who are checking it daily. Facebook can be an effective tool for gaining new sales lead or to converting a sale.

If you have questions like “Is Facebook Ads still relevant to my audience?” or “What is the best method to advertise in Facebook?”. In this workshop you will learn how to start advertising in Facebook. How to start a good Facebook campaign. How to reach the right audience, messure the effectiveness and budget calculation.

Whether you already have a business or just want to start your business, and planing to advertise using Facebook, you are welcome to learn and have a hands-on experience promote your product. You’ll be taught by Ivan Aditya VP Digital Marketing (previously work at BOBOBOBO and Qraved) who will share his expertise on Facebook Ads.


· Comparing Facebook Ads against the others advertising
· How to start advertising in Facebook
· How to structure a good Facebook campaign
· How to reach the right audience for your campaign
· How to measure the effectiveness of the campaign
· How to calculate the budget to invest

What to prepare 

· Please bring a laptop

If you already have a business that you would like to advertise on Facebook or have done it before please let us know.

Who : Ivan Adtiya – VP Digital Marketing of SOCIOLLA.COM

When : Saturday. 26 Aug at 10 AM – 2.30 PM
Where : GoWork Coworking & Office Space
Includes : E-Certificate + Lunch
Price : Early Bird Price – IDR 600.000
            Regular Price – IDR 700.000
Registration : 0812 9825 2180 or email