Event Venue in Jakarta

Event Venue in Jakarta

by GoWork Team

Being the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is bound to be the perfect place to host an event, why? It’s simply because it’s a growing city, it’s metropolitan and full of things to do, especially in the busy place like Central and South Jakarta. There are tons of events happening in Jakarta, but not too much event spaces provided for them. Normally, you’d probably go to several hotels in Jakarta just to find the perfect event venue in Jakarta, but that would be too expensive right? For that amount of price, you’d get more or less the same facilities provided by non-hotels. Looking for a venue to host your event in Jakarta? Here, we provide you with several event venues in Jakarta!

GoWork Plaza Indonesia

Wedding Venue Jakarta

Looking to host an event in Jakarta that is inside a mall? Usually, the price to host an event in a mall could be very expensive, what if you’re looking for a place that is affordable but conveniently accessible like a mall? GoWork provides an event venue that is capable of holding up to 100 people, perfect to host a seminar or a mini-talk show, or if you’re looking for a small intimate wedding venue in Jakarta, this could be the perfect place for you. Anyways, when can you have the chance to say you have a wedding inside a coworking space? It’s crazy yet intimate, right? Who cares if it’s inside a place which is technically an office? It’s your wedding, it’s your special day, no need to worry about looking for a wedding hall in Jakarta anymore. Basically, if you’re looking for a function room or a venue for your event in Jakarta, especially in a centralized location, this is the place!

GoWork Chubb Square

Event Venue in Jakarta

Okay, that is an event venue inside a mall, what if you’re looking for a place to host an event inside an office for a formally created seminar or anything corporate related? Is your company is struggling to find a suitable yet affordable place to host an event? Look no further! Our coworking space at Chubb Square provides you with not one, but 2 event spaces located on the 8th and 9th floor. Looking for a friendly talk show regarding startup? You could book our event space on the 9th floor, it provides you with a warm ambiance and a pleasing to the eye event space. However, if you’re looking to host more of a formal corporate event for your company, you could book our event venue on the 8th floor.

GoWork Setiabudi

Jakarta Venue

So, you’re saying those locations we gave you are too centralized and too crowded? Well, it is indeed Central Jakarta, what if we give you a place that is not too centralized but still dynamic? Located on the 5th floor of Setiabudi 2, inside the Setiabudi 1 complex, this place is simply perfect for young and dynamic entrepreneurs who are looking to make a name out of themselves. Yes, Kuningan is probably the 2nd most crowded place in Jakarta after Sudirman Street, but it’s still a suitable place to host an event for dynamic people who couldn’t stop moving around. Moreover, did we mention it’s just beside Setiabudi 1? So you won’t need to worry about looking for something to eat anymore after your event is finished.

Those are our recommended event venues for you, there are plenty more event spaces provided in Jakarta just for you! Interested to find out more about them? Check out Other Event Venues in Jakarta at GoWork.