Shared Office Space in Jakarta
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Shared Office Space in Jakarta

by GoWork Team

Looking for shared office space in Jakarta? For new startup entrepreneurs, having their own private offices could get too pricey, let alone serviced offices in Jakarta. So what are their solutions? Well, this is where shared offices come in. Here are several coworking spaces in Jakarta that provide you with the shared office space you’re looking for!

Looking for a Huge Shared Office Space in Jakarta?

Shared Office Jakarta

If you’re looking for spacious shared office space in Jakarta with a really huge lounge area, then the coworking space in Pondok Indah provided by GoWork would really do the trick. Located on the 15th floor of Pondok Indah Office Tower 2, this gives you a convenient location to really focus on your work, how? Well, Pondok Indah has been known to be a less crowded place rather than the centralized location of Sudirman Street, therefore no need to worry about the traffic there. Supported by the tall windows surrounding the place, working in GoWork Pondok Indah means you’ll have a perfect skyline view of the city, remember it’s on the 15th floor, so it’s quite tall. Did we tell you that you could also work while getting a massage at the massage chair? It’s also a fun place to be working in Jakarta since you can actually work and play at the same time, there are several games like the ping pong table and even foosball. Also, it has access to Pondok Indah Mall, so you can actually go out to the mall if you’re feeling down with work.

What if You are Looking to Work in a Centralized Location?

Shared Office Space in Jakarta

Well, the question says it all, what if you’re looking to work in a centralized location? What if you prefer the busy vibes of Jakarta and the traffic (even though this seems impossible). Well, our flagship coworking space in Chubb Square is only a walking distance from Grand Indonesia Mall, and as we all know, this is probably the most centralized location in Jakarta. There are 2 floors of shared office space provided by GoWork, both located on the 8th and 9th floor, and it is always crowded with people. Thinking about it, it’s a great place to learn and search for bits of advice from fellow startup enthusiast. Besides, you couldn’t possibly work alone all the time right? Oh, we forgot to tell you that there’s always a coffee stand on the 8th floor waiting to accompany you while you work.

“Gold among Diamonds”

Serviced Office Jakarta

Okay, what comes to your mind if we mention Mega Kuningan Business District? Probably, the first things that would cross your mind are expensive, high-end, or centralized business district. Yes, having an office there are considered too pricey due to its strategic location. Now, consider those places diamonds, what if you’re looking for gold which is cheaper than diamonds, but still considered nice and exquisite? Well, what if we tell you, you actually could? This is the same case as we have for our coworking space at Menara Rajawali, due to having 2 floors, this is one of GoWork’s biggest coworking space. The shared office space provided on the ground floor means none other than one thing, you have the most convenient of all access since you won’t need to worry about waiting to queue for those troubling elevators. By the way, it is only a walking distance to Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall.

An Office Inside a Mall? Possible!

Office Space Jakarta

We keep mentioning about our locations being close to malls and more malls, what if you want to have an office which is literally inside a mall? This is actually very possible! How? Well, GoWork has several shared offices in Jakarta that is inside a mall. These places are none other than the infamous Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City, Pacific Place, and the upcoming Green Office Park (it’s in front of the Breeze BSD City, so can this be considered as one of the locations in a mall?). No matter, we also have a shared office space inside a mall in Bali, which is inside Park23 Mall.

So, what do you guys think about those shared office spaces provided just for you? If you’re interested to take a look of our other spaces, click the link below!

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