How to Kickstart Your Career as Data Scientist

How to Kickstart Your Career as Data Scientist

5 February 2021

Data science is currently getting attention because of the Big Data trend. With companies now able to continuously gather data - from websites, mobile devices, social media tools and legacy systems, not to mention the burgeoning Internet of Things - businesses today are drowning in data ( Accordingly, Linkedin Co-founder, Allen Blue, said that he had seen “massive growth — 15 times, 20 times growth” in data science-based jobs these past three years. However, there is a big gap in the supply for candidates in this role. Through this class, you will learn about the fundamentals of data science role and how to compete with any other candidates that is applying for this role.

  • The importance of data science in business
  • Big picture of what data scientist do in their day-to-day job
  • The career path of data scientists
  • How to create a suitable CV or resume suitable for data scientist positions
  • Skills and knowledge should be prepared before they apply for the data scientist role
  • How to excel in data scientist interviews
  • How to build a professional network among data scientists

Arfiadhi N - Data Scientist of Gojek

  • Junior Level Data Professionals
  • Data Analyst
  • Fresh Graduates
  • College Students
  • Device (Handphone, Laptop) & Stationery
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Get your notes/laptop ready.
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